Thursday, February 27, 2014

Historic Snowfalls, Vintage Sleds

The weather this winter has been something like the tide, cresting and retreating. Except in our case, the fluctuations seem to be between extreme cold and extreme quantities of snowfall. As soon as we get relief from the cold, we get battered by snow. As soon as we get a break from the snow, the icy fingers of Jack Frost grab us by the throat again.

For true winter sports enthusiasts, the combination of snow and cold is actually a blessing. The longer it stays cold, the longer the snow remains for snowmobilers, skiers and the like. And one thing all of us do when there are temperature extremes is look back over our shoulders toward past winters to see if we've ever experienced something like this before. In one sense, there's nothing new under the sun. But some things do change with time... like the snowmobiles we ride.

Chuck Steffens, of Carlton Dental Ceramics in Minnesota sent us photos featuring a few of his vintage snowmobiles. He's a collector with more than thirty such sleds and an ongoing passion for riding, as well as a strong appreciation for AMSOIL.

Seeing his photos inspired us to page through some of our own archives to find photos of some of the snowmobile racers AMSOIL sponsored circa 1980. These were the days before snocross riders jumped hills and ridges of snow in the X-treme manner that appeals to fans today.

AMSOIL had a strong presence in the oval racing circuit with racers like Bobby Donahue and Tim Bender of Team Aaen. Team manager Olav Aaen, who began his career in snowmobiling in 1970, was eventually inducted in the Snowmobile Hall of Fame. Aaeon and crew helped get the word out regarding AMSOIL synthetic 2-stroke oil for snowmobilers .

While we're talking about nostalgia, the essence of it is a sentimental feeling about the past. Eventually every experience we have today will be part of your past, and that is why it's a good thing to make the most of your present so you have things to remember with that special glow in your twilight years. One such memory we will be giving soon is a four-day, three night all expenses paid trip to Montana in the Big Sky Sweepstakes. You can read the details here, or simply skip right to the entry form. Be sure to read the rules regarding eligibility. And good luck. Perhaps one of you reading this here will make some memories of your own to look back on in your golden years. 

Pictured above: Chuck and Joelene flank grandsons Michael and Wesley on a vintage ride. The sleds here include a 1970 Polaris TX Playmate, 1972 Polaris ATX, 1978 Arctic Cat Jag and a 1978 Ski Doo factory Cross Country RV racer.

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