Friday, February 7, 2014

Totally Out There... Top Truck Challenge Footage Puts Off-Roading In Perspective

Mud Pit action from 2011 Top Truck Challenge
What's your idea of a good time? For off-road enthusiasts, being part of the Four Wheeler Top Truck Challenge is pretty much the ultimate in excitement. AMSOIL has been a co-sponsor and official lubricant of the event for years now, and the editors and publishers keep amping the stakes. The carnage is heart-stopping.

And yet, the skill sets displayed are equally remarkable as the various challenges put their vehicles and their wits to the test. Nearly competitor has watched the videos, so they think they know what they're in for. But the real thing gets pretty spiky and each year the mag adds a new twist, a new delightfully wicked challenge.

Here's some footage from last year's competition featuring the Obstacle Course, the Hill Climb and the Coal Chute. June is just around the corner.

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