Wednesday, August 26, 2009

2009 Diesel Power Challenge Hits News Stands Everywhere

Back in May, Diesel Power Magazine orchestrated another successful Diesel Power Challenge with AMSOIL on board for the third year as a major sponsor. With each year steadily getting better, Diesel Power Magazine called the 2009 challenge the ‘best event yet’ with competitors showing no signs of slowing or stopping.

Coverage of the event includes two lengthy stories appearing in the August and September issues of Diesel Power. The August issue provided overviews of the competitors, with all the details surrounding each of their modified machines. The September feature, more than forty pages worth, is titled Diesel Death Match, featuring 14 diesel guzzling, fire-snorting monsters producing enough horsepower and torque to make a diesel lover swoon. The setups ranged from mild to wild in this competition, which in the end produced one winner.

To quickly recap, the Diesel Power Challenge pits 15 trucks against one another in a series of tests designed to reveal the nation’s ultimate street-legal diesel powered vehicle. Readers of Diesel Power Magazine vote and decide on the final roster of competitors, but only one emerges with the title. In a three-day period, these diesels are put through trials and tribulations designed to dismantle the trucks not fit to be crowned all while a film crew is on hand to capture each moment, whether they fail, prevail or both.

Overall Robert Evans of Reno, NV took home the glory, but the others didn’t make it easy for him and it was close right up to the end. Each year brings out the drive, determination, and the desire to win within every competitor. With a fierce passion to build a truck that has the wherewithal to defeat each phase of this challenge, builders arrive ready to prove themselves. AMSOIL is always pleased to be on board providing lubricants that can withstand these rigorous conditions and help conquer the course.

This year’s event will be aired on Four Wheeler Television on the Outdoor Channel sometime in the fourth quarter. And be sure to subscribe to Diesel Power Magazine so you can have your say in who will be at next year’s challenge by voting online in Spring 2010. Only time will tell if Robert Evans can defend his title next year, or if the torch will be passed to the next worthy diesel-powered champion.

It’s impossible to leave this subject without mentioning the two new premium API CJ-4 diesel oils AMSOIL introduced this spring. For diesel empowerment, choose AMSOIL.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Richmond Nationals Just Around the Corner

The end of summer brings another NSRA event to Richmond, VA August 28-30th. For the 5th year, Richmond is hosting the NSRA Richmond Nationals and it is sure to be another success. AMSOIL is a sponsor of this fine organization, and as we head into fall there are only 4 more NSRA Nationals events left. This is your chance to see more than 1,000 street rods in one place if you happen to be in the vicinity of Richmond and surrounding areas. Pre-1979 street rods, customs, muscle cars and more will be lined up for public viewing consumption.

With the usual Women’s World, swap meet, and games for the kids, the Richmond Nationals also brings the Streets of Rods event. This time around, there are awards to be won in the following categories:

29 & Below: Featuring registered members age 29 or under. Bringing in a new generation to this American pastime, these members will be recognized with a dash plaque and two special Super Prize drawings.

Pavement Pounders: For street rodders who aren’t afraid to put miles on their hard work. These rods are driven more than just to car shows, reminding the public that it’s more than just awards and displays.

Injection Alley: For street rods running any type of fuel-injected engine.

Louvers Lane: The special rods with Louvers punched into their hoods, trunks and bodies to give them that extra visual edge while helping to cool off the engines.
Be sure to bring the family down if you are in the area to show support of the enthusiasts that keep this part of history alive.

What: 5th Annual Richmond Nationals
Where: Richmond International Raceway

Friday, Aug 28 8:30-5:00 P.M.
Saturday Aug 29 8:00-5:00 P.M.
Sunday, Aug 30 8:30-3:00 P.M.

Adults $14.00
Children 6-12 $5.00
5 & Under Free Discounts available to seniors, military personnel and NSRA members.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Widebody Stang Makes For Red Hot Cover Shot

Congrats to KC Chou of APR Performance for capturing the cover of this month’s 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords. The turbocharged and AMSOIL-lubed 2008 5.0 Mustang boasts 435 horsepower and 460 lb-ft torque at the rear wheels at 8.5 pounds of boost. Wearing a lightweight carbon fiber widebody kit we can imagine this is one phenomenal ride.

The story, which begins on page page 42 in the October 2009 edition of the mag, is rich with detail. Check it out.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

NSRA Street Rod Nationals Celebrates 40th Anniversary

It is one of Louisville’s premiere conventions with an economic impact of more than $15 million. It’s the NSRA’s Street Rod Nationals, which opened Thursday and runs through the weekend. As of yesterday nearly eleven thousand rods were registered, all pre-1949. The quantity of Ford ’32 Deuces is staggering, but everything else under the sun was here, including at least one item from 1903.

This was the NSRA’s 15th trip to Louisville, though flooding of the Ohio River earlier this week threatened to disrupt the spectacle. To be sure, there was no evidence of anything but sunshine and blue skies yesterday. With the Kentucky Exposition Center renovation complete, conditions could not have been more perfect for a car show.

It is the third year AMSOIL has been an official product sponsor of the NSRA. AMSOIL has been offering rodders the power of synthetics since 1972. Many of today's oils have significantly trimmed back on additives that help the oil protect engines and prevent cam and follower wear. AMSOIL offers two high zinc formula oils especially suited for vintage cars. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils and drivetrain fluids are installed in the NSRA Giveaway Car that was assembled by Indiana's Brookville Roadsters.

Hundreds of companies put their wares on display inside the convention center, and thousands of rodders put the love of the lives on display outside in every available parking space and across the grassy apron to the west. There are also a wide range of seminars and workshops designed to help rodders solves challenges in making or keeping their equipment road worthy.

In short, it's a great event and even if you're not a "car guy" it's well worth a gander at least once in a lifetime simply for the color and art and experience.

Below is just a small portion of the scene, looking southeast from the roof of the Kentucky Expo Center.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sturgis Heating Up, AMSOIL Cooling it Down

Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul. ~Author Unknown

Each year, the world famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally draws thousands of dedicated motorcycle riders to the Black Hills in Sturgis, SD. For the second year in a row, AMSOIL is on board as the Official Oil Sponsor of Sturgis and currently has a staff out west bringing AMSOIL to attention. On Monday, the official starting day of the rally, temperatures reached 94 degrees... of course, that wasn’t an issue for those with AMSOIL installed in their bikes. For those who don’t, let’s just hope they still have a bike that runs by the time they leave after a week of these same high temperatures.

Staff updates are bringing good news with spectators stopping the crew every time they walk down the street. Questions are as varied as the AMSOIL product line. Many are sharing testimonials about their own experiences, who don’t know what their bikes are missing out on display a general curiosity. AMSOIL even has its own oil change facility set up in downtown Sturgis, so those who have not yet reaped the benefits can join the movement right there at the rally. For those of us who aren’t lucky enough to be in the action this year, updates are being provided regularly by the AMSOIL team. Just click here to stay current with the latest AMSOIL happenings in Sturgis.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Race to the Top at SEMA

With fall just around the corner, those planning to attend the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in November are busy laying the groundwork for the year’s biggest event. Each year, the SEMA show attracts tens of thousands of attendees: manufacturers, distributors, car builders, aftermarket companies, and every industry leader in between with an interest in the car, truck and SUV market. AMSOIL is always on hand to witness the latest developments in the performance automotive world, maintaining its position ahead of the curve.

This year AMSOIL will be installed in more high profile cars than ever. One of these will be a ’33 Roadster kit that is being assembled live during this year’s show by Race Safro, a 16 year old car builder whose love for the automobile world took shape at the age of 4 while watching his father wrench on cars. Race, who took on his first independent design and build of a 1929 Five-Window Model A at the age of 14, has fueled his passion ever since by taking control of RT Rods shortly after graduation from middle school. Also involved in Modified Class racing, Race built his own custom race car and was awarded ‘Rookie of the Year’ after his first season.

No better leader in the Take a Kid to a Car Show movement, Race (who is in the completion stages of a '77 Bronco build) will be at SEMA this year to assemble the Roadster from start to finish in an amazingly tight time frame within the Factory Five booth. That's the plan anyways. At the end of the show, the car will be given to its proud new owner to drive off with, the end result of a labor of love. Race is a rising star in the automotive world. Be sure to watch for future updates on Race’s take on ingenuity, drive, and a true passion for cars when the final outcome is unveiled at SEMA in November. He gives a lot of thought to every detail, including the lubricants he chooses. This is why these build cars carry AMSOIL synthetic motor oils and fluids.

Jay Safro, Race’s dad, has had three vehicles at SEMA over the years for his upholstery work. Race, at 16, will have two vehicles at SEMA this year, and a future as bright as his dreams.

Photos above show Race's Model A restoration, courtesy RT Rods.