Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Closing In On 100,000 "Likes"

It seemed like yesterday we were at 70,000. All of a sudden we're sitting in a meeting and realize that we're less than 700 away from that very special milestone of 100,000 Facebook "Likes" and growing.

Some people say social media is supposed to be about people, not businesses.The reality is, most businesses that we know of are made up of people. And the truth is, we appreciate our friends and fans.

Following a business by hitting their "Like" button is useful because it's one way to find out what events they are going to be at, what they will be doing and more.

For the record, we update our Facebook wall daily so you know you'll always have the most current or interesting bytes we can dream up for you, as relevant in importance as the vehicles you drive and the dreams you dream.

Like us today and you'll soon see what we've dreamed up for when we hit that milestone. The countdown has already begun.

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