Thursday, May 28, 2009

AMSOIL + Tuners = High Profile Performance

AMSOIL is always on the lookout for sweet tuners, and owners of said tuners are always on the lookout for the best products. This is where our paths cross, and performance is taken to a new level for these impassioned tuner builders. Below are two hot rides currently in the national spotlight with feature coverage, and of course AMSOIL is under the hood.

The cover story for the July issue of DSport Magazine features a JDM Nissan Silvia S13, built by Mike Sullivan of Mishimoto Automotive. Originally meant to be a show car for SEMA, Mike decided to kick it up and use it to compete in drift and time-attack events as well. This led to a time constraint since it needed to be complete in time for SEMA, but through determination and sheer drive Mike pulled it all off. Enlisting the help of Kenny Strickler of, his crew stripped the car down to a bare shell and prepared it for the paint job. Meanwhile, work was being put into the cage, chassis and selection of aerodynamic packages and tires. An SR20DET engine was removed and upgraded for power increases, and hydraulic lifters were replaced to enable the use of higher-lift, solid-lifter camshafts. A few more tweaks later the completed project turned up at SEMA with Mishimoto’s trademark orange and black paint, ready for its close-up.

Next up is Tony Nguyen and his 93’ Mazda RX-7, featured in the July issue of Super Street. Nguyen is already a rising star in the tuner industry, and this latest feature is testament to his talent. The RX-7 is hailed as Mazda’s most legendary ride due to the design, engine format, lightweight chassis and all-around sports-car feel. Decked out in BASF Tungsten Pearl Silver Paint usually found on a Lexus, this Mazda is a head-turner. Running a 13B-REW motor, Nguyen has squeezed 345 horses out of a standard 276 horsepower engine by installing an A’PEXi AVC-R Turbo-boost controller, fuel pump and GReddy intercooler and pipes. Interior modifications include A’PEXi gauges that light up the seats, and a center console filled with switches and embedded gauges. Built exclusively for weekend street racing, the RX-7 is the manifestation of Nguyen's vision to leave a cloud of dust for everyone else to catch up to.

The five page spread in Super Street is resplendent with sponsor logos, but the shot above give you a glimpse of the start point. Tony sent us a very strong endorsement note to go with this story. Nice!

I have recently been running AMSOIL products on all my cars and I must say that this is the BEST product I have ever used hands down! I have used other competitors' products in my car, from synthetic oil to octane boosters and I must say there is no other product on the market that can compare to the quality of AMSOIL synthetic oils. I will continue to use AMSOIL products for the life of all my vehicles. Whether it is for normal day to day use or high performance race and drag applications AMSOIL is my #1 choice.

Thank you,
Tony Nguyen

Thursday, May 21, 2009

AMSOIL Declared ‘Turtle Expedition Proven’

Gary and Monika Westcott have seen more sights, sounds and places in the world than most will in a lifetime. Experienced travelers, they have made it their goal to do the impossible at times. In 1996 they drove completely across Russia (including Eastern Siberia) in an adventure both American and Russian experts said could not be done. With 600 miles of driving on frozen Lena River, to arriving at the northernmost city in the world that can be driven to in Hammerfest, Norway, these voyages are not for the faint of heart.

Gary and Monika are now preparing to embark on a two-year adventure from Lisbon, Portugal to Shanghai, China in an effort to retrace the vast and sometimes treacherous Silk Road. The Silk Road played a pivotal role in the trade industry for hundreds of years for China and surrounding countries, and is known for the difficulties of its challenging terrain. Taking them on this leg of the Turtle Expedition is their Ford F-550 4X4 named ‘Turtle V’, with AMSOIL on board to provide them with lubricants to make the voyage safe and reliable. With much of this journey taking them through desert conditions, it is imperative they are well-equipped to make it hundreds of miles with no one in sight. Meaning, a breakdown in the journey could prove devastating. AMSOIL will help prevent that.

Gary took some time out of his busy schedule of preparations to send some nice words our way about AMSOIL products and performance:
"As we prepare for our next adventure, a two-year overland trek from Lisbon, Portugal to Shanghai, China, retracing the Silk Road, the reliability of our engine, transmission, and gearboxes is critical. Using the AMSOIL Dual By-Pass Oil Filter System, in combination with their full synthetic 15-40 Heavy Duty Diesel & Marine Oil, we will safely extend oil changes up to 30,000 miles under severe conditions, and reduce filter changes to 15,000 miles. AMSOIL full synthetic gear and transmission lubricants are engineered for high-demand applications, including trailer towing, heavy hauling, 4X4 off-road driving, protecting gears and bearings from scoring and wear. With excellent cold-flow properties, they outperform all conventional gear oils. AMSOIL lubricants and filters are Turtle Expedition proven."

AMSOIL is happy to contribute to Gary and Monika's peace of mind. We'll you updated on this adventure as it unfolds.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Next Stop for NSRA Street Rod Nationals: Springfield, MO

This coming weekend be sure to attend the 26th Mid-America Street Rod Nationals event at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds in Springfield, MO. For the 15th year, Springfield will be host to a weekend of excitement and activities for street rod enthusiasts and their families. As with all previous events, the NSRA gathers hundreds of pre-1949 manufactured vehicles and makes them available to admire up close and personal. With nearly every make, model and style on display, the estimated total value of cars is over $80 million. Combined with the usual Women’s World (arts and crafts) for others in the family, this event will also feature the special “Streets of Rods” area and trade show.

Springfield is also home to a wide range of museums, historical attractions, entertainment and kid-friendly activities. Officially recognized as the birthplace of the famous Route 66, Springfield promises that you will never have a dull moment. Plan on taking a quick weekend vacation with the family and head on over if you're in the area.

When: Friday May 22-Sunday May 24
Where: Ozark Empire Fairgrounds, Springfield MO

Friday 8:30AM-5:00 PM
Saturday 8:00AM-5:00 PM
Sunday 8:30AM-2:00 PM

Adults $14
Children 6-12 $5
Under 5 Free

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Diesel Power Challenge Tears 'em Up in Bowling Green

The three day AMSOIL-sponsored event brought together 15 trucks (five trucks from each manufacturer) from all over North America. The competitors were picked from hundreds of reader entries by the staff of Diesel Power magazine. The results demonstrated were nothing less than awesome.

As noted previously the Diesel Power Challenge consists of five events:
-1/4-mile drag race
-1/8-mile acceleration test with a 10,000 trailer
-Chassis dyno test to measure peak torque output
-36,000 pound sled pull
-110 mile drive to test fuel economy and street worthiness.

Here's how it all shook out.

The quickest 1/4-mile drag strip pass was made by Robert Evans in his 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4. His 11.07 second (at 127 mph) drag strip run makes his truck quicker than the $100,000 2009 Corvette ZR1. In all, there were six Diesel Power Challenge trucks that ran the 1/4-mile in the 11-second range.

Matt Gainer’s 2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD was able to tow the 10,000 pound trailer through the 1/8 mile in 11.03 seconds.

Robert Evans 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 made 1,479 lb-ft of torque and 914 hp on the SuperFlow chassis dyno at TS Performance.

Ryan Flies 2005 Dodge Ram pulled a 36,000 pound sled 303 feet during our sled pull test.

Matt Larson’s 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD got 23.08 mpg over our 110 mile fuel economy test. Matt also drove his competition truck more than 1,600 miles from Spanish Fork, Utah just to get to this year’s Diesel Power Challenge.

The overall 2009 Diesel Power Challenge champion was Robert K. Evans, a passionate Purple Heart winner from Reno, Nevada driving a 2004 Dodge Ram 2500, with a 5.9L Cummins engine featuring Industrial Injection compound turbochargers.

We'll keep you posted when the program is about to air on TV. In the meantime, renew your subscription to Diesel Power magazine so you don't miss the details.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Diesel Power Challenge: Live From Bowling Green

Day one from Bowling Green is complete. The Diesel Power Challenge has been putting fifteen contenders to the test here. The first test was whether the weather would break after two weeks of rain. A few of the teams were still doing work on their trucks late last night, in the drizzle.

The first day consisted of three events. Two were held at Beech Bend Raceway Park. The day began with prepping the track, removing the last vestiges of moisture so tires could get a grip. This delay gave us ample time to visit with many if not most of the teams to see what kinds of strategies they were planning, what modifications they’d made, etc. Some were looking for speed, some were hooked up for power.

Once the strip was prepared, the trucks could make as many passes as they liked in an effort to choose their best score for fastest time. It was quite dramatic when the fellow with the fastest truck decided to take another pass just because it was an empty track awaiting him. Boom. Was he going to be out for the count? Or could repairs be made in time for the next event, pulling a ten thousand pount caterpillar a quarter mile.

Several trucks had unfortunate experiences in round one, but most bounced back with fast work and quick thinking.

The third portion of the day was the dyno competition, hosted by TS Performance. You can be sure these monsters were pulling down some huge numbers.

One reason this event is such a popular feature in the magazine is that it an opportunity for diesel enthusiasts to get an inside look at what their peers and competitors are doing in terms of performance modifications. In addition to the modifications, readers can also learn about the thinking behind these performance related decisions.

A West Coast film crew is on hand to capture footage for the Diesel Power Challenge program that will air later this year on the Four Wheeler TV show. Molly Brown from our AMSOIL Technical Department, who played an instrumental role on the team that developed the new AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oils, has been helping to draw out stories and insights from the builders in a show no diesel enthusiast will want to miss.

Photo Caption: (L to R) DPC competitor Scott Whisenhunt, Molly Brown, film producer Ryan Nonaca, Diesel Power magazine editor David Kennedy, and AMSOIL Dealer Robert Riley.

Friday, May 8, 2009

2009 AMSOIL/Street Rodder Road Tour Gearing Up for Take-Off

After months of planning, routing, and anticipation the 2009 AMSOIL/Street Rodder Road Tour kicks off in Chattanooga, TN. As title sponsor of this ultimate road trip, AMSOIL is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the tour to the AMSOIL Center here in Superior, WI in June. But first, there are plenty more stops beforehand. Below is the tour schedule. Mark your calendars and plan on coming to see some of the most beautifully restored vehicles in the world all in one place. Lead by Jerry Dixie in a restored ’52 Chevy, the Road Tourians will be close behind as they wend their way around the country, attending various car shows and events throughout the summer. A sight to behold, definitely not something you can afford to miss if you are in any of these areas.

Coker Tire Tour, May 9-17
Kicking off the season with a car show and charity auction at Coker Tire in Chattanooga, TN, the tour starts tomorrow, May 9. From there, it is off to the Victory Junction Gang Camp in North Carolina with a stop in Charlotte in between. The final destination for this tour is Cruisin’ Ocean City, MD for a weekend of street rods, customs, and fun in the sun in this beach town.

Vintage Air Tour, June 13-21
One of the biggest each season, this leg of the tour heads from Vintage Air in San Antonio, TX to the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green, KY. With spectacular car collections to see and visits to local street rod shops, this part of the tour will continue on up north to…

The AMSOIL Tour, June 19-28
After leaving the Hot Rod Reunion, perhaps with still more street rodders on board, Jerry will lead the crew up through St. Paul, MN near the Back to the 50’s event happening that weekend. From there, it is up to the AMSOIL Center in Superior, WI, where local car clubs and enthusiasts will gather to welcome the street rodders before they make their way to the St. Ignace, MI Car Show. Made famous by the streets being filled with street rods at the Mackinac Bridge, this show features all types of vehicles as locals watch them cruising the historic streets of St. Ignace.

Merrill-Lynch Jones Group Tour, July 12-19
Without Woody’s Hot Rodz in Bright, IN, this years’ tour might not be possible…they built the Chevy being driven by Jerry on this years’ tour. Woody’s is the starting point for the next round, where they will head to Youngstown, OH for a party at Quaker Steak and Lube and a visit to the Classic Automobilia Showroom. From here, it’s onward to Syracuse, NY for the big car show.

August 6-15, 40th NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Louisville
Bound to be a huge event, this leg of the tour kicks off in Louisville at the 40th NSRA Street Rod Nationals. From there on Sunday, it’s a cross country trek to Bonneville Speed Week in Wendover, UT.

September 11-20, NSRA Nationals North in Kalamazoo, MI
This leg brings more stops to the NSRA Nationals events happening around the country. The NSRA Nationals North in Kalamazoo promises to be a huge again, complete with hospitality tent for all tour participants. From there its westward to the NSRA Northeast Nationals in Burlington, VT with a stop at Gear Star Transmission for a party in Akron, OH.

Sherm’s Custom Plating Tour, September 26-Oct 4
Kicking off with a Friday night cruise in Escondido, CA near San Diego, this tour will make several stops at famous Los Angeles locations. From there, it is off to the NSRA Golden State Nationals in Sacramento, but not before stopping and visiting some of the biggest private car collections in the US on the way.

NHRA Museum Tour, October 10-18
Seattle, WA is the starting point for the final leg of this years’ tour. Art Morrison Enterprises in Fife, WA will host a party before the tour makes its way down to the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion in Bakersfield, CA. With scenic travels through Washington, Oregon, and the redwood forest in northern California, this is the final tour of 2009. Stops at several shops and manufacturers in the street rodder business will round out the week, with the final destination being the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion.

This is the broad brush overview. And if your anywhere near the Northland, we'll be doing a Street Rodder Shindig on June 22, so... y'all come! (Stay tuned for details.)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

2009 Diesel Power Challenge Ready to Rumble

AMSOIL is gearing up for another sponsored event in Bowling Green, Kentucky, May 10-12, in partnership with Diesel Power Magazine. The 2009 Diesel Power Challenge pits competitors against one another to find out who has the ultimate street-legal diesel powered vehicle. In a series of events geared towards bringing out the muscle in each of these trucks, diesel fuel must be the primary fuel source during all events. However, modifications, turbochargers, and additives such as nitrous oxide and propane are not only allowed but encouraged.

Over the course of three days the following events will determine whose build has what it takes, but only one will emerge title holder of the Ultimate Diesel-Powered truck.

Day 1
Registration, inspection, and photo shoot for inclusion in an upcoming issue of Diesel Power Magazine.

Day 2
Drag Racing: Each competitor will be given an hour on a speedway to make as many quarter-mile passes in their trucks as possible. The driver who completes the fastest quarter-mile pass will be determined as the winner.

10,000-lb 1/8-mile Trailer Tow: Competitors will attempt to tow a 10,000 pound trailer for a 1/8-mile acceleration run. Each driver is only given one shot, and the truck that completes this in the quickest elapsed time will win this event.

Chassis Dyno: The highest torque output numbers, determined by the operator, will determine the best in this category.

Day 3
100-Mile Fuel Economy Drive: A test in road-worthiness and best fuel economy, this event proves it’s not only about strength and power. After all trucks have been topped off in fuel, a Diesel Power official will lead the group on a 100-mile loop to gauge the fuel economy in each. After 100 miles, the official will top off the fuel again and determine which truck used the most gallons. The truck with the least amount of used fuel will win this event.

Sled Pull: The final leg of the competition is a test in both strength and endurance. Each competitor will attempt to pull a sled for the longest distance, and the top three pullers will then compete for first, second and third place in a pull-off.

After all events have been completed, judges will tally up the scores from each event to determine which truck and driver is worthy of being crowned winner at the trophy ceremony. In addition to being covered in an upcoming issue of Diesel Power Magazine, you can look for the Diesel Power Challenge DVD later this fall. Watch this space next week for results and photos from this years’ Diesel Power Challenge competition.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

AMSOIL Stocked 2009 Dodge Ram Featured in Sport Truck

The Dodge Ram is generally not the go-to for custom truck builders, but Mitch Rall of Ektensive Metalworks was one of the first to make a project of it when word of the new-style Ram was announced. Indeed, it was a labor of love that paid off in full with great results. A longtime fan of Dodge trucks, Mitch has owned both body-style trucks prior to this one.

We first caught up with Mitch as he was preparing for the SEMA show in 2008, where the truck was featured in a special Mopar booth. Fully equipped with AMSOIL lubricants, Mitch’s 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab has turned quite a few heads including the folks at Sport Truck magazine. Featured on this month’s cover, this custom truck is definitely out of the norm. Ektensive Metalworks is known for dropping trucks down over big wheels, and this one is no exception. 26x10 Giovanna Canelli wheels with Toyo Proxes STII tires made this goal a reality, and a custom paint job in dark gold and subtle champagne round out the effect. Attention to detail was given to the entire build, right down to the matching rims.

A family man with a wife, daughter, and son on the way, Mitch uses this truck as a daily driver as well. Aside from a few interior pieces being painted to match the exterior, the only big change there is in the sound system. A Rockford Fosgate system installed in the doors and behind the rear seats completes this one-of-a-kind build.

Be sure to pick up a copy of the mag to see the six page spread with photos and other details. It's one beautiful ride.