Thursday, January 24, 2008

Three Days, 100 Manufacturers, A One-of-a-Kind Opportunity

The MPMC Media Trade Conference provides council-member manufacturers and the media with the unique opportunity to conduct dozens of one-on-one meetings in just three days.

Editors and publishers from the leading consumer and trade publications in the automotive aftermarket descend on Los Angeles to meet with a limited number of SEMA member manufacturers to learn their stories. A special focus of the event is uncovering what’s new, what’s on the leading edge of this dynamic industry. Three days of face-to-face meetings provided ample opportunity for Aftermarket Products Director Karl Dedolph and Advertising Director Ed Newman to share the AMSOIL story.

Featured products in the lubricants group included our Signature Series 0W-30, our new Severe Gear lubes, 0W-20, plus the educational Gear Lube Report. Editors also learned about our new brake fluids, our re-formulated P.i. Performance Improver, and several of our new Ea filter products. Each received the new Ea Filter video on CD.

The new Injen / AMSOIL co-branded air intake for diesel trucks was especially interesting to those editors in the truck markets. At the end of the day it is evident that AMSOIL has a story to tell, and it’s rewarding to be in the center of this exciting industry.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Detroit Auto Show Features Ultimate Cool

This week is Detroit's world famous car show, the 2008 North American International Auto Show with over 700,000 attendees from virtually every corner of the earth.

AMSOIL lubricants and filters were utilized on a custom car featured by DUB Magazine in their high profile display. The hand built, one-off Delahey design, nicked named the “French Connection,” was a creation by Boyd Coddington built for California car collector Rocky Walker. The car features a special marine V-12 engine made in Italy and an Ostrich Skin interior.

The special project, valued at over 1,000,000 dollars, took over a year to build and will be displayed at numerous car shows and auctions around the world. If you plan on attending the Detroit Auto Show this year, the car is featured in Michigan Hall at Cobo Center along with over 700 other concept, production, and specialty vehicles until January 27th.