Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Free Oil Change Reminder Service

Historically, when motorists get their oil changed the lube shop places a sticker on the windshield with information regarding when to come back to have it changed again. If you change your own oil, it may be helpful to discover that we have a reminder service that can send you an email to let you know it's time for an oil change.

A special feature of this reminder email is that you can set it for whatever parameters you want within in your comfort zone. Even though the 3,000 mile oil change has been long demonstrated to be a myth, many people are uncomfortable going further because "Pa always changed his oil at 3,000 miles and that's how I was taught."

Times have changed though. Most auto manufacturers have significantly longer oil change intervals in their owners' manuals. According to the article Stop Changing Your Oil! at Edmunds.com the shortest oil change interval that a few automakers are recommending is 5,000 miles. Nearly half of today's 34 automakers now use oil monitoring systems to let people know when to change their oil, including all three U.S. manufacturers.

One thing you want to do is learn how to check all your fluid levels periodically, including oil. And to set up that reinder service, whether for three months, six months or one year, visit us at AMSOIL.com. You'll find the Free Oil Change Reminder Email link on the right of your screen just below the Why AMSOIL? link.

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