Monday, August 29, 2011

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ON ANOTHER NOTE: Congratulations Chevrolet for 100 Years of making cool cars.

Monday, August 15, 2011

This is a reminder that is the new home for our stories, video and blogs related to AMSOIL event and racing activities. Thank you to all who have been following us here these past four years. We look forward to capturing some of your eyeballs in our new home.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

AMSOIL Events Update Blog Moves to New Home

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Friday, July 8, 2011

AMSOIL Street Rodder Road Tour: Factory Five Racing Tour

The fourth leg of the 2011 AMSOIL Street Rodder Road Tour kicks off Saturday, July 9 at the Eastwood Summer Classic car show at The Eastwood Company in Pottstown, PA. On one of the most anticipated tours of the season, the group makes its way through New England with a series of stops at famous car shops, manufacturers, a NASCAR racetrack, and much more. For those that want to test their vehicle on a drag strip, the stop at the Maple Grove Raceway will give them the opportunity. The itinerary even includes a visit to the site of the 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair. These and other stops are interjected along the scenic drive through the East coast of New England.

The tour will wrap at the Syracuse Nationals in New York, an event that draws over 8,000 special interest vehicles to the New York State Fairgrounds. Other notable stops include a tour of the Factory Five Racing headquarters in Wareham, MA and visits to some impressive private car collections along the way.

If you are in the area, be sure to turn out and see the Road Tourians as they wrap the 2011 Factory Five Racing Tour at the Syracuse Nationals.

What: AMSOIL Street Rodder Road Tour, Factory Five Racing Tour
When: July 9-15, 2011
Where: Starting at The Eastwood Company, Pottstown, PA...
Ending at The Syracuse Nationals in Syracuse, NY

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NSRA Rocky Mountain Street Rod Nationals This Weekend

The next stop for the NSRA Nationals is June 24-26 in Pueblo, CO at the Colorado State Fairgrounds. The NSRA hosts various events throughout the nation all summer long, aimed at drawing out enthusiasts of the classic car movement. Car collectors from all over the area come out to display their restored classic vehicles in Pueblo, the largest event of its kind in the region. AMSOIL is pleased to be a part of this reputable organization that helps increase awareness of a true American pastime. AMSOIL Z-ROD Synthetic Motor Oil is specially formulated for these applications, so it’s a fitting partnership.

The Rocky Mountain Street Rod Nationals will include the Streets of Rods area, featuring various special interest groups. Included in the Streets of Rods are the following categories:

29 & Below: Featuring street rods owned and registered by participants 29 years of age and younger.

Hi-Boy Highway: All makes of cars that are fenderless hi-boys.

Bowtie Boulevard: Chevrolets of all models and years.

Bucket Brigade: Any bucket-type rod and make manufactured 1927 and earlier.

Fabulous Fifties: Any make or model of 1950s manufacture.

As with all NSRA events, the weekend promises something fun to do for spectators of all ages. Usual staples of the NSRA Nationals events will be included, such as the Women’s World area and vintage auto parts swap meet. Live entertainment will be provided in the fairgrounds amphitheatre on Friday and Saturday nights. If you are in the Pueblo, CO area don’t miss your chance to see thousands of street rods on display at the NSRA Rocky Mountain Street Rod Nationals.

27th Annual NSRA Rocky Mountain Street Rod Nationals Plus

Colorado State Fairgrounds, Pueblo CO

Friday, June 24th 8:30 AM-5:00 PM
Saturday June 25th 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Sunday June 26th 8:30 AM-3:00 PM

Adults $14.00
Child 6-12 $5
6-Under Free
Discounts available to seniors, NSRA members and military personnel with proper ID.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Up Next for the AMSOIL Street Rodder Road Tour

Kicking off on Father’s Day June 19, the Golden Shine Tour is next on the itinerary for the 2011 AMSOIL Street Rodder Road Tour. After meeting at the LA Roadsters Fathers Day event, the tour heads back east to land in Colorado for the Rocky Mountain Nationals hosted by the NSRA. Along the way participants will experience behind-the-scenes tours at Las Vegas Speedway, as well as an up-close look at the production facilities and Shelby Museum at Shelby American.

The Street Rodder Road Tour is an annual event led by Editor Jerry Dixey as they cross the nation to various car shows, events and sightseeing excursions. Street rod enthusiasts come out in force with their own vintage automobiles to experience a unique summer vacation. There are still 5 tours remaining for the AMSOIL Street Rodder Road Tour, and all are open to the public. If you own a rod and want to get it out on the open road, then this is the tour for you.

To see the full 2011 schedule and to learn how to join any of the remaining tours, please click here.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another Live Update from Laconia Bike Week

It’s been a great week so far at Laconia Bike Week, and tens of thousands have turned out to attend the 3rd largest motorcycle rally in the country. We just got a report from AMSOIL Regional Sales Manager Peter Markham on some of the happenings taking place in the mountains of New Hampshire. A cold and wet start to the 88th annual rally didn’t deter bikers from attending, and it looks like things are just getting started.

The sun finally shone on the Laconia Motorcycle Rally On Wednesday and the riders came back out. The AMSOIL booth is set up in the Weirs Waterpark parking lot and features the HDT Diesel motorcycle for the USMC. HDT retrofits motorcycles with diesel engines for the US military. These bikes go back to the military filled with AMSOIL, an effort to help the forces reduce the different type of fuels that must be carried for the troops. The HDT bike really gets the attention of bikers, and leads into a great conversation on the benefits of AMSOIL for all applications.

With the sunshine on Wednesday, the fans were out in force at the Ridgerunners Hill climb at Gunstock Ski Area. This event allows both the young and old to race up the slopes of the ski hills. Not only are motorcycles shooting up the grassy slopes, but 4-wheelers and even snowmobiles. This annual event is a favorite of the Rally goers and draws several thousand spectators to the base of the NH ski slopes.

Wednesday wrapped up with rally-goers being treated to fireworks over Weirs Beach, a perfect end to a beautiful day on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee. Laconia Bike Week runs through Sunday, with hopes the weather will hold through the weekend so more rally patrons can ride the New Hampshire roads. If you are in the area, be sure and stop in to the AMSOIL booth to learn about the best motorcycle oil on the market.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Top Truck Challenge is a Wrap

The Top Truck Challenge 2011 is a wrap after three days of swamps, slopes, boulders & quagmire. The challenge concluded Thursday after the final event took out a few rigs in the Tank Trap, hailed as the most difficult challenge of them all. Huge water-filled holes successfully wiped out some of the competitors as they tried to clear the course, dashing the hopes of winning for a few of the participants. AMSOIL Technical Powersports Manager Len Groom sent a report on Friday on the final event of the 2011 TTC, and as expected it was grueling. The Tank Trap swallowed trucks, causing some of them to flip on the steep incline and require an extraction. Some of the holes made it impossible to even see the tires that ranged in size anywhere from 46’ to 54’, which illustrates the magnitude of the challenges found in the Tank Trap.

Despite all the difficulties these competitors faced, the Top Truck Challenge couldn’t wipe out everyone. Taking the win in the Buggy class was Alex Sanders out of Arkansas in his 2008 Chevrolet Buggy. While others battled against the odds in the Tank Trap, Sanders had a good run and cleared it so fast it was hard to get pictures. Overcoming an underdog position, Sanders achieved his stellar performance in a $2,000.00 rig.

Steven Montpas out of Roseburg, OR took home the title in the Truck class with his 1949 Willys pick-up. He performed well and kept ahead of the competition, landing him the top spot. Both winners performed consistently all week, earning them ultimate bragging rights and a trip back to compete in Top Truck 2012.

And so another Top Truck Challenge event is now behind us after a series of impressive attempts from all competitors. Next year Four Wheeler Magazine is inviting past winners to the 20th annual Top Truck Challenge, providing an interesting new platform to shake things up. Congratulations from AMSOIL to all of the competitors who were selected, but especially Alex Sanders and Steven Montpas for outdoing the competition and taking home the glory in what is known as the Olympics of off-roading. Both winners received a shopping spree courtesy of AMSOIL to keep all their toys and equipment running peak.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Top Truck Challenge Day 2

The second day of the Top Truck Challenge wrapped up on Wednesday, and it didn’t go without a hitch. Competitors were introduced to the Obstacle Course, Hill Climb and Mini Rubicon events. AMSOIL Technical Powersports Manager Len Groom provided us with another update straight from Hollister Hills, and reports this years’ event isn’t holding back any punches. Judging by the pictures, these rigs are facing some extreme obstacles as they make their way to through each event and try to remain in the competition.

The Obstacle Course held plenty of surprises for competitors as they attempted to clear it. Deep water and deeper holes proved this to be extremely difficult, catching some of the drivers on the ledge causing them to roll. Despite the challenges the competitors faced, most made it through to face the next challenge-the Hill Climb event.

The Hill Climb is a 60° slope with holes and ditches dug throughout, aimed at either flipping the rigs over or stopping them completely. There is no stopping or backing up in the Hill Climb event, momentum must be maintained while dodging the treacherous terrain at the same time. On a hill that’s difficult to even stand on, let alone drive, most drivers were able to clear it though there were a couple of rollovers.

Up next we saw the Mini Rubicon, one of the most challenging events in the Top Truck Challenge. The proving ground for this event was bigger than in years past, and producers made sure it wouldn’t be easy. In addition to deep holes, giant boulders were placed throughout to ensure some broken parts at the end of the day. In spite of all the hurdles, the Mini Rubicon didn’t take out any competitors and they were all able to move on to the dreaded Tank Trap on Thursday.
The winner of Top Truck Challenge will soon be announced. Be sure to check back later for the next update on what went down in the Tank Trap event, and who won the battle in Top Truck Challenge 2011.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Top Truck Challenge Day 1: More Brutal Than Ever

We just got a report from AMSOIL Powersports Technical Product Manager Len Groom, who is live on the scene of the 2011 Top Truck Challenge in Hollister Hills, CA. The challenge kicked off Tuesday, with the competitors being introduced to the 2011 event by the Tow Test, Mud Pit and Frame Twister events. While the Tow Test claimed only a broken driveshaft on a buggy, the Frame Twister lived up to its name and kept most competitors from even finishing. The Frame Twister event is a formidable proving ground filled with holes, rocks and logs aimed at taking out these monstrous trucks with little effort. Len Groom reported that is was the most demanding Frame Twister yet and summed up what has been seen so far in one word: Tough.

After numerous extractions and broken parts in the Frame Twister, the challenge moved on to the Mud Pit event. These rigs don’t typically do well in this type of sludge but competitor Mike Keller (pictured) hit the mud flying and skimmed along the top, making it look easy. We are now in Day 2 of the 2011 Top Truck Challenge, which will see the competitors battle the Obstacle Course, Hill Climb and Mini Rubicon. Judging by the photos we have received thus far, things are just getting good.

Who will emerge victorious in the 2011 Top Truck Challenge? Be sure to check back for more photos, updates and quotes directly from the competitors in the thick of it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Top Truck Challenge Gets Underway This Week

The Top Truck Challenge was established 19 years ago, and has been steadfast in keeping with the original idea of pushing 4x4’s to their ultimate limits in Hollister Hills, CA. The Top Truck Challenge is a grueling week-long competition that tests the mettle of some of the toughest trucks and drivers in the country. AMSOIL has been the Official Oil of the Top Truck Challenge for several years, which provides an excellent proving ground to show what AMSOIL lubricants are capable of handling. Hollister Hills is a Mecca for off-road and dirtbike enthusiasts, with over 4,000 acres of terrain designed for every skill level.

Selected by readers of Four Wheeler Magazine, competitors in the Top Truck Challenge are pitted against one another in a series of extreme off-road events over the course of 4 days. Aptly named challenges such as the Tow Test, Frame Twister, Mid Pit, Obstacle Course, Hill Climb, Mini Rubicon and Tank Trap claim some of the mightiest rigs. While each of the events plays a part in taking competitors out, the Tank Trap is known as the ‘crown jewel’ of the Top Truck Challenge. This event in particular is aimed at pushing each truck to its limit as they face unrelenting obstacles while the clock works against them.

The TTC is filmed and aired on national television later in the year, but AMSOIL is on site and will be providing exclusive updates throughout the week. You can also read our previous blog post here to meet this year’s competitors and decide who you think will be crowned the winner in 2011. Be sure to check back often throughout this week for a sneak-peek into what is going down in Hollister before it airs, and find out who will win the battle in the 2011 Top Truck Challenge.

Friday, June 3, 2011

AMSOIL Super Chevy Best of the Best Vote Reveals Next Round of Winners

The third Super Chevy event is a wrap and the votes have been counted. Online readers of Super Chevy Magazine turned out to determine which 5 cars stole the show in Petersburg, VA to become Best of the Best in their respective categories. See the latest round of winners below, all of which will be included in the final vote to determine who holds the title of the ultimate AMSOIL Best of the Best Chevy.

If you haven’t been following along with the AMSOIL Super Chevy Best of the Best event, please click here for all the details. Be sure check back for future updates on upcoming Super Chevy events right here on the AMSOIL Racing site.

Camaro Class
‘69 Z/28
Owner: Eddie Sells

Chevelle/Malibu Class
’68 Chevelle
Owner: Gary Ingram

Full Size Class
’60 Impala
Owner: Barry Barnet

Nova Class
’66 Nova
Owner: Kevin Lovern

Tri-Five Class
’55 Nomad
Owner: Kirby Montgomery

Photo courtesy of Super Chevy Magazine
Barry Barnet’s ’60 Impala that won in the Full Size class

Thursday, June 2, 2011

York, PA Set to Host Next NSRA Nationals Event This Weekend

AMSOIL is making a big impact in the street rodder market, most recently with the addition of our new AMSOIL Z-ROD Synthetic Motor Oil.

As an official product sponsor of the National Street Rod Association (NSRA), the AMSOIL message reaches thousands of street rod enthusiasts each year. This is largely due to the fact that the NSRA hosts Nationals events all across the country throughout the spring and summer, drawing out huge numbers of enthusiasts and spectators alike. This coming weekend will find the NSRA Street Rod Nationals East Plus event at the York Expo Center in York, PA. Over 4,000 street rods, muscle cars, customs, and specialty vehicles from all over the country are expected, together accumulating a total worth of over $112 million.

In addition to the thousands of ‘main attractions’, the NSRA goes to great lengths to ensure the entire family has something fun to do and see. A Model Car Contest is a special attraction geared at attendees of all ages, and is open to the public. Activities ranging from the Streets of Rods to the Women’s World area round out the weekend, with live entertainment providing a soundtrack to the festivities. Over 165 manufacturers and dealers descend on York to participate in the trade show and vintage swap meet, featuring both inside and outside exhibits.

Additionally, over $83,000 is SuperPrize giveaways and special Sunday $weep$take$ are awarded to registered participants, making this even more of a can’t-miss event. If you are in the York, PA area be sure to attend this remarkable experience and see what other activities the NSRA has in store at the 38th Street Rod Nationals East Plus.

What: 38th Annual Street Rod Nationals East Plus
Where: York Expo Center, York PA
When: June 3-5, 2011

Fri: 8:30 AM-5:00 PM
Sat: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Sun: 8:30 AM-3:00 PM

Adult $14
Child 6-12 $5
5-Under Free

Friday, May 27, 2011

NSRA Mid-America Street Rod Nationals Touch Down in Springfield, MO

This weekend brings another exciting event to street rod enthusiasts in the Springfield, MO and surrounding areas. The 28th Mid-America Street Rod Nationals event will draw over 1900 specialty vehicles to the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds starting Friday May 27th. This is the perfect event to bring the family to over the Memorial Day weekend, with various attractions and entertainment for people of all ages. Games for kids and adults, Women’s World area, swap meet and much more round out the activities and ensure there is always something to do and see for the whole family.

In addition to the standard NSRA excitement, the 2011 AMSOIL Street Rodder Road Tour will be kicking off from the Mid-America Nationals with the first tour of the season. Jerry Dixey will be leading the pack of road tour participants in a custom-built ’55 Chevy built by Woody’s Hot Rodz.

Over $82,000.00 worth of merchandise and prizes is given away at the NSRA Nationals events, along with three drawings for cash giveaways. All registered participants are eligible to win prizes, with registration remaining open until Saturday at 2:00 PM. Whether you are coming out to view the beautifully restored vehicles, or you have one of your own to show off, don’t miss this exciting event.

What: 28th Annual Mid-America Street Rod Nationals
Where: Ozark Empire Fairgrounds in Springfield, MO
When: May 27-29, 2011

Hours: Friday: 8:30 AM-5:00 PM
Sat: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Sun: 8:30 AM-3:00 PM

Cost: Adult: $14.00
Child 6-12: $5.00
5 & Under: Free

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spotlight: Competitors of the 2011 Top Truck Challenge

The 2011 Top Truck Challenge is just under two weeks away, and anticipation is building among each of the competitors. 10 competitors and 2 alternates have been selected and will descend on Hollister Hills, CA for the week of June 6th to battle it out for the 2011 Top Truck title. The Top Truck Challenge takes no prisoners; the courses are brutal and capable of taking down even the mightiest truck. Hollister is known for its challenging terrain, drawing four wheel and powersports enthusiasts from all over to take on the trails and attempt to make it out with their rides intact. With events like the Frame Twister, Tank Trap and Mud Pit, conquering each of them and making it to the top is a near-impossible feat. The editors at Four Wheeler Magazine are constantly ahead of the curve in keeping the TTC as demanding and twisted as possible, with a no-holds barred approach at making sure they take out as many rigs as they can over the course of the week.

Some of the competitors responded to a Q&A interview with Four Wheeler Magazine editors, each providing some quotes to illustrate where their heads are at as they prepare for the 2011 Top Truck Challenge. The full interviews can be viewed on Four Wheeler Magazine’s official website, but here is a glimpse of what each respondent had to say:

John Retzloff
’77 GMC K15

Q: What made you want to compete in TTC?
A: TTC is like the Olympics of four-wheeling to me and being able to compete at something I truly love (wheeling) is one of the biggest honors for me!
Q: What's one thing people should know about you?
A: I built my truck almost entirely myself, right down to the concept of the doubled 205s and the bodywork. I do have a lot of time in my truck, but not a lot of money, and hopefully I can show that it doesn't necessarily take a lot of money to compete but a lot of ingenuity and a good driver.

Mike Keller
’76 Ford F-350

Q: What made you want to compete in TTC?
A: The thrill of competing and the challenge.
Q: What's one thing people should know about you?
A: Wheeling is my favorite sport in life. I spend the majority of my free time helping to organize events in the Oregon area so that all of my wheeling buddies and the next generation of wheeling kids have places to wheel. Often times, for various reasons, our wheeling sites get shut down, so I try to organize private property, etc., for them to have a good time. I enjoy using my years of wheeling experience to try to help all my friends get their trucks on the right track so that they can do their best. Hopefully I'm making a difference!

Jeff Seely
’69 Chevy Suburban

Q: What made you want to compete in TTC?
A: I have watched many of the past TTC DVDs and have always wanted to tackle the Tank Trap.
Q: What's one thing people should know about you?
A: Ummm, my first word was 'dirt,' 'nuff said.

Brooke Spencer
‘09 FJ40 Buggy

Q: What made you want to compete in TTC?
A: Why not? It looks like it would be a blast so I figured I'd go for it and see what happens.
Q: What's one thing people should know about you?
A: Ready to come down, drive hard, and have a good time.

Josh Hall
Suzuki Samarai Buggy

Q: What made you want to compete in TTC?
A: I've been buying the TTC DVDs for the last eight years and I always find myself saying 'I could have made that' or 'this guy can't drive,' so I want to see how my driving skills and my version of an offroad rig compares to others.
Q: What's one thing people should know about you?
A: Not much to say here. I'll let my right foot do the talkin'.

Corey Timson
’10 Blue Torch Fabworks YJ Buggy

Q: What made you want to compete in TTC?
A: It's just plain cool. Great chance to be part of something much bigger than the norm.
Q: What's one thing people should know about you?
A: Once I want something I make sure I get it or do it!
Alex Sanders
’08 Chevy Buggy
Q: What made you want to compete in TTC?
A: I have seen it on videos and in Four Wheeler and thought it would be awesome to be able to compete in one of the toughest off-road competitions.
Q: What's one thing people should know about you?
A: I'm that guy that even if you have never met will stay as long as it takes to get you mobile again or get you out of the trails even if I break my own rig in the process. I will help no matter what and will never ask for anything in return. I just enjoy getting to go play in my rig and have the most possible fun I can have while doing it. Who cares if the rig gets beat up or broke, that's what it was built for. If it wasn't then why you do you take it out to play?

Check back on the AMSOIL Events Blog, Facebook and Twitter during the week of June 6th for live updates straight from the 2011 Top Truck Challenge, where you can also see what went down in the aftermath of this grueling challenge.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First Look at the 2011 AMSOIL Street Rodder Road Tour Vehicle

The AMSOIL Street Rodder Road Tour kicks off at the end of this month, and final preparations are being hammered down now. The much anticipated unveiling of the tour’s lead vehicle took place on May 2nd at the Street Rodder Tech Center in Irvine, California. Powersports Technical Product Manager Len Groom was on the scene to help unveil the 55 Chevy that will be carrying Street Rodder Magazine editor Jerry Dixey around the country this summer. Excitement around the tour is definitely growing, and the reveal of the 2011 Road Tour vehicle signals the final stretch before the tour officially starts May 27th.

This year’s car was built by Chris Sondles, owner of Woody’s Hot Rodz. Featuring a complete Morrison chassis and Ron Shaver-built stroked & bored 409 motor, AMSOIL fluids are installed completely throughout to ensure the engine is well-prepared for the thousands of miles ahead of it. AMSOIL took this opportunity to launch a brand new product specific to the Hot Rod market. The new AMSOIL Z-ROD Synthetic Motor oil will be the oil of choice for this year’s tour. Designed for hot rods and classic cars with performance engines that require high levels of zinc to protect flat tappet camshafts and lifters, a key feature is its ability to provide superior rust and corrosion protection in storage conditions. The 2011 Street Rodder Road Tour is the perfect proving ground for AMSOIL Z-ROD Synthetic Motor Oil, now available in 10W-30 and 20W-50 viscosities.

Testing was conducted last Tuesday at the track where the car was subject to a slalom course, skid pad, and 60-0 braking. The results were interesting, to say the least. Stay tuned to the pages of Street Rodder Magazine for details on how the car performed during testing, with full coverage on the 2011 Street Rodder Road Tour provided in upcoming issues. There is still time to register for any of the tours this summer, see our previous blog here for details on how to join in on the trip of a lifetime.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Diesel Power Challenge: King of the Hill

The three events of day two were conducted at the Bandimere Speedway which is tucked into the picturesque ridges of Western Denver. At the beginning of the day there were nine trucks left after the loss of one on the dyno. By the third morning four more will have been eliminated.

The first challenge was the 1/4-mile drag racing. Trucks could take as many passes as they desired to best one another and here is how they finished.

1. Joel Saunders - 11.267 @ 125.62mph
2. Newly Tolf - 11.417 @ 125.41mph
3. Dmitri Millard -11.621 @ 117.77mph
4. Rocky Horn - 11.775 @ 112.18mph
5. Fidel Valasquez - 11.864 @ 116.87mph
6. Andy Parker - 12.026 @ 114.26mph
7. Dustin West - 12.450 @ 112.87mph
8. Shone Patel - 13.869 @ 69.31mph
9. Scott Lindsey - 14.524 @ 61.86mph

After a lunch break a five-ton trailer laden with a Bobcat was brought out onto the track. More drag racing ensued, but this new variable did create problems for some and when all was said and done we only had seven trucks left. Here's how they finished on this second challenge of the day:

1. Rocky Horn - 10.244 @ 72.38mph
2. Joel Saunders - 10.627 @ 73.34mph
3. Andy Parker - 11.014 @ 69.14mph
4. Dustin West - 11.525 @ 65.54mph
5. Fidel Velasquez - 11.611 @ 67.54mph
6. Newly Tolf - 12.676 @ 62.01mph
7. Scott Lindsey - 17.028 @ 60.63mph

The third challenge at Bandimere was conducted up in the parking lot above the raceway. In this event the trucks had to demonstrate speed and skill at executing a course while pulling the Bobcat trailer. The course involved tight turns and several places where backing up was required. Points would be deducted for knocking over cones which lined the various facets of the course.

Thursday morning broke sunny with clear blue skies as the last five trucks went to fill up their tanks for the 150 mile ride to test these vehicles for fuel economy. Yes, the challenge includes verifying that these behemoths are also roadworthy. The fuel economy results would be used for breaking any tie in the scoring, and it did indeed become a factor.

The afternoon challenge, the sled pull, was held out at Keenesburg Fairgrounds north of Denver along Highway 76. Each of the five remaining diesels gave it their best shot pulling a 50,000 pound sled donated by the NSPA, courtesy Ron Greene, Clint Cannon and Michael Sulley. When the dust had cleared, literally, the final points were calculated and the drivers were assembled for the awarding of trophies for the top three.

As it turned out, Newly Tolf and Andy Parker tied for fourth, but Andy had a better score in the fuel economy run, so Newly was bumped to fifth overall. Impressive in light of the competition coming into this thing. Third place, and a trophy, went to Joel Saunders in his 2006 Dodge Ram 2500.

Second place was captured by Dustin West of Godley, Texas in a red 2005 Dodge Ram 2500. These young 'uns showed they were definitely up to the challenge this week, and appeared to have a lot of fun throughout.

After all was said and done, our new champion turned out to be Rocky Horn with his 1997 Ford F-350 powered by a Cummins engine. This was not the first rodeo for the quiet but affable Horn who has taken second place two consecutive years in the NSPA Super Street Diesel Class. For his efforts he'll receive well deserved recognition in Diesel Power magazine this fall and a $500 shopping spree from AMSOIL.

David Kennedy noted that the competition is ratcheting higher every year. "The worst dyno score in 2011 was better than the best horsepower numbers five years ago," he said. Next year we'll undoubtedly see even more.

In the meantime, look for plenty of coverage in upcoming issues of Diesel Power, and in the DVD being produced for this event. Congratulations, Rocky!

Pictured: Winner Rocky Horn with Mark Nyholm, Technical Manager from AMSOIL.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Diesel Power Challenge: Day One in the Record Books

Day one at the 2011 Diesel Power Challenge is in the record books. Ten trucks and thirteen hours in the dyno booth at ATS Diesel made for one long day, but with some serious excitement along the way. The last to take a run, Dmitri Millard, was first when all was said and done, but there were a lot of trucks pulling some serious horsepower and torque numbers.

Shone Patel of Olive Branch, Mississippi filled the second slot with his 2008 Ford F-350 Super-Duty. Owen Horst pulled great numbers for third in his 2006 GMC 2500 but blew up in the process as the oil pressure fired the oil fill cap like a mortar shot and a geyser of oil painted an abstract design on the hood. Horst, a Tennessee builder, is out for the rest of the competition.

The first hour today is an open drag strip with the nine trucks taking turns pushing the limits. These guys are pulling some serious numbers in Colorado's thin mountain air. Currently Joel Saunders holds the fastest time with an 11.276 on the quarter mile. Dmitri Millard, after a few runs in the 12.3 area has now taken second away from the superquick Fidel Velasquez with an 11.621. Newly Tolf of Las Vegas, in a Silverado, also cracked the 12 second barrier, an impressive feat in these big trucks.

Bandimere Speedway, nestled in the western ridges of Denver, is an idyllic location for Day Two of this year's competition. Blue skies, decorated with a handful of scattered clouds, make for a perfect day here at the track.

Newly Tolf has now pulled a 11.496 to bump Millard down a notch, so we're seeing Dmitri screeching through several more attempts to regain a higher score. Here's an 11.71, again leaving him short.

Rocky Horn has leaped in front of Fidel with and 11.775 and time is running out to best Saunders in his Dodge Ram, the only black truck in the field. And the ten minute call has just been given. Five or six passes later and time runs out on the field. The first segment of the day is finished. They'll break for lunch and then do the 10,000 lb. trailer pulling drags.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Mile High and Rarin' To Go

Here we are at ATS Performance on Day One of the 2011 Diesel Power Challenge. Yesterday evening the Diesel Power staff hosted a hospitality room for early registrants as they came rolling into Denver from all points of the compass. Editor David Kennedy called Dmitri Millard, last year's winner, to see where he was and he was still ten hours away and apparently planning to pull an all nighter. The longest drive, though, was by Joel Saunders from New Hampshire. By mid-morning today the trucks were glistening in the sun, numbered and bedecked with decals. After a photo shoot prelude, the event was underway.

ATS Diesel Performance has been serving the diesel truck market for nearly two decades, designing and manufacturing hundreds of products for the diesel truck market. Specializing in power and performance, they have made their dyno facilities available for today's competition.

ATS has a very classy facility with engines, turbos and other performance apparatus displayed all about the showroom. At the center of the room is a billiard table which was actually incorporated into the competition in the following manner. Each of the drivers was given a chance to lag for position on the dyno. That is, whoever had the best lag could select when to do their dyno run. Naturally everyone wants to be last so they see what numbers they have to pull to finish best.

Owen Horst from Clarkrange, TN, arrived in his white 2006 GMC and though he'd love to be top dog, he's really "just here to have fun." In preparation, Horst said, "I think it’s just a quest for more horsepower all the time. This year we built the motor again, put heads, cam and twin turbos and a little bit of everything. Last year we were running pretty much stock so now we’re pretty much modified."

David Kennedy, editor of Diesel Power magazine, clearly gets jazzed about this event. We asked how he came to be a truck guy and he said, "I think for me the truck world comes from needing trucks, from growing up in inclement weather and mud in a rural area. Always wanting to go places no matter what it was like outside. So a car, two wheel drive really wouldn’t work for me. A diesel truck gives you the power and versatility to do whatever you want, so its perfect for guys like me."

And for guys like the ten competitors in this year's Diesel Power Challenge. To follow along this week, visit

Friday, April 29, 2011

Diesel Power Challenge Just Days Away

The much-anticipated 2011 Diesel Power Challenge is nearing, and 13 competitors are gearing up to bring their rigs to Denver for this invitational event starting May 3rd. AMSOIL will be on hand to witness the 3-day torture test that will determine who owns the ultimate diesel: will it be a Chevy, Ford or Dodge this year? Read on to see what challenges are in store for these competitors.

Day One: Stress Testing
All trucks will be hooked up to a chassis dyno to see how much torque and power each truck is capable of. Day one gives everyone a good gauge into who has what it takes and, in the words of Diesel Power Magazine, who brought a knife to a gunfight.

Day Two: Track Day
Day two finds competitors at the drag strip to see which of the trucks not only has the power, but the speed to back it up. After taking their first run, a 10,000-lb trailer is hitched to the truck to see who can haul it the fastest down the eight-mile. Day two will end with an all-new event for 2011 called Trailer Maneuvering, designed to keep competitors on their toes. Details on this new event are scarce, which could be telling of the magnitude of this new challenge.

Day Three: Convoy & Tug-of-War
Beginning the final day at dawn, the trucks will be fueled up, weighed, and sent out on a 150-mile road trip to gauge fuel economy and durability. While this may seem to be the easiest part of the challenge, these points count and could end up determining the final outcome for the winner. After the road trip, any trucks still standing will be hooked up to a 30,000-lb sled in an extreme game of tug-of-war. Whoever takes the sled the furthest gets the points, and in this challenge every point counts.

After all events are complete the truck still standing with the most points is declared winner and owner of the best diesel truck in North America. Check back next week here on the AMSOIL website for live updates and details on how it all goes down.

Top right: Trucks in staging at a raceway outside Nashville, Day 2 at last year's Diesel Power Challenge

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NSRA Western Street Rod Nationals Headed to Bakersfield, CA

California is the site of the next NSRA Street Rod Nationals event, to be held at the Kern County Fairgrounds in Bakersfield next weekend. Street rod enthusiasts of all ages are granted access to some of the most beautifully restored vintage street rods to view up close. Over 2,000 specialty rods 30 years and older are expected, from the Western U.S. and beyond.

Since 2007 AMSOIL has worked with the National Street Rod Association to bring awareness to the hobby. AMSOIL Direct Jobbers are also on hand at all NSRA events, working booth space to promote the benefits of AMSOIL lubricants to enthusiasts and spectators alike. In addition to the thousands of ‘main attractions’, there are activities available for the entire family to enjoy including games, Women’s World with arts & crafts, the trade show and evening entertainment. The NSRA also awards over $82,000.00 in merchandise giveaways, along with three $3,000.00 cash drawings to be given away at the end of the weekend.

If you're in the Bakersfield, CA area this is a can’t-miss event. Bring the family out to see some of America’s best examples in automotive history. If you don’t live in the Bakersfield area, be sure to attend one of several others making the rounds across this nation this summer.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Votes Are In: First Round of AMSOIL Super Chevy Best of the Best Winners

The first Super Chevy show of the season is now behind us after having landed in Jupiter, FL earlier this month. As previously announced, five Chevys were awarded the honor of being named AMSOIL Best of the Best in their respective categories. In addition to an award certificate recognizing their achievement, each winner receives a free Preferred Customer membership from AMSOIL. At the end of the season, the 12 winners from each event category will be placed in a special voting section on the Super Chevy website. Readers will then vote on their favorites to determine the ultimate Best of the Best in each class. Final winners will receive a plaque, commemorative jacket, $500 in AMSOIL products and supreme bragging rights as owner to the best Chevy of its kind.

Check back often for more AMSOIL Super Chevy Best of the Best updates through October. As the show makes its way across the nation, AMSOIL will be on hand to ensure only the best lubricants go into the best Chevys.

Tri-Five Category:
‘57 Bel Air Hardtop
Owned by Liudmila Hernandez

Camaro Category:
'69 SS/RS 396/L78
Owned by Jack Hunter

Chevelle Category:
‘70 Restomad
Owned by Nick Martorano

Nova Category:
’71 Pro Touring
Owned by Kurt Sebben

Full Size Category:
'64 409 Biscayne
Owned by David Dziminowicz

Pictured, Nick Martorano's '70 Chevelle. Photo copyright Super Chevy magazine.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Catching Up With 2010 Diesel Power Champion Dmitri Millard

The 2011 Diesel Power Challenge event is set to descend on Denver, CO May 3rd and final preparations are being laid out now. 12 diesel-powered rigs have been selected to compete head-to-head against one another and returning champ Dmitri Millard. Dmitri sat down with Jason Thompson, Feature Editor of Diesel Power Magazine, to discuss what it’s like to be the one to beat at this years’ challenge, and why the pressure has eased since he started three years ago.

Following is an excerpt from that interview, with the full article to be posted on the Diesel Power website soon.

Q: How does it feel to be the “returning champ” and having to defend your title?
A: It feels great. First off I want to give a big thanks to Diesel Power and its staff for putting on this one of a kind event.

Q: How are you dealing with the pressure? Is it more than last year?
A: The pressure tastes like chicken. This will be my third year experiencing the Diesel Power event both competing and being on a pit crew. The pre-game jitters are gone now.

Q: Who are your crewmembers this time?
A: Matt Handwork (also a 2010 Diesel Power Challenge competitor), David Browning, Dallas Penn, Chris and Tim from last year

Q: What is your strategy going to be for each event? What’s the game plan?
A: We are going to go for broke on every event. Not holding anything back but our strongest events will be on the rollers and asphalt.

Dmitri will be running his 2001 Chevrolet 2500HD Crew Cab 4x4 in this years’ challenge. Modifications are extensive and of course, AMSOIL is powering the engine to ensure it can take the heat of the 2011 Diesel Power Challenge. Will Millard hang on to his title? Check back often as we draw closer to the event start May 3rd for info on other participants and the rigs they are bringing to battle. This invite-only event is closed to the public, but AMSOIL will be providing exclusive live updates from company reps on site watching it all go down.

Photos courtesy Diesel Power magazine.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2011 NSRA Season Kicks Off Friday in Oklahoma City, OK

AMSOIL has been affiliated with the NSRA since 2007 when it became an official product sponsor of this long-standing organization. The National Street Rod Association (NSRA) is a group of loyal car enthusiasts with over 55,000 members nationwide. Some of the most beautifully restored vintage vehicles 30 years and older are owned by these members, with 12 events being put on each year throughout the country to showcase each of them. Events are now open to registrants with vehicles manufactured 1981 or earlier, so if you own a street rod this is the place to show it off.

The NSRA starts off the 2011 season Friday, April 15th with the Southwest Street Rod Nationals in Oklahoma City, and is expected to draw thousands of spectators throughout the weekend. While the street rods on display are the headlining event, a swap meet, Women’s World, children’s games and more round out entertainment options for the entire family. The Southwest Street Rod Nationals will also hold a free Revel ‘Make N’ Take’ event for kids to build their own model street rod at no cost to the first 75 participants.

Awards and dash plaques are given to the best rods, featuring the following ‘streets’ specific to each make or model:

This street welcomes all makes of cars that are considered fenderless hi-boys.

All models and years of Chevrolet cars are welcome to participate in this street.

Any type and make of 1927 and below bucket type of rod.

Features all cars that are from 1950 to 1959 year of manufacture.

Mark your calendars now to attend any of the NSRA shows in the 2011 season and support your local street rod clubs.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Super Chevy Shows Featuring AMSOIL Best of the Best Just Weeks Away

March 17, 2011

Earlier this month AMSOIL announced a partnership with Super Chevy Magazine to present the 2011 AMSOIL Super Chevy Best of the Best contest at each of the 12 events. The 2011 season kicks off April 8 at the Palm Beach International Raceway in Jupiter, FL, and is set to draw Chevy enthusiasts from all over the country in the coming months. Events are slated through October as the Super Chevy Shows make their way to different venues across the country featuring racing, swap meets, exhibitions and much more. New details are now available, including the free Revell Make ‘N Take aimed at getting the younger audience involved in building their own street machines. Additionally, the Fifth-Gen Camaro shootout allows 2010 and newer Camaro owners to showcase their performance and compete against similar vehicles in a trophy-only bracket racing class. Also scheduled to appear is the founder of Motion Performance Joel Rosen, who will greet fans and show off the new 2011 Motion Camaro alongside one of the original 1970 Baldwin-Motion Phase III Chevelles. In addition to the AMSOIL Best of the Best contest, these events are all new to the 2011 show season.

For those of you not familiar with the AMSOIL Best of the Best contest, each of the 12 events finds Super Chevy Magazine editors selecting the five best cars in the following categories: Tri-Five, Camaro, Nova, Chevelle and Full Size 1958-up. Once the editors’ five best choices are determined they are posted online for readers to vote for their favorites in each category. These preliminary winners are recognized with an award certificate from Super Chevy and a Preferred Customer membership from AMSOIL. Those that make it to the top from reader votes are crowned Best of the Best in their respective categories, and earn themselves $500 in AMSOIL products to keep their Chevys running peak for years to come. Online tickets are available for purchase, along with a special offer from Super Chevy Magazine exclusively for their subscribers. Find full details and schedule on their website at, and be sure to attend the Super Chevy event coming to your area. If you can’t make it, AMSOIL will be providing coverage of each event here in the Events blog throughout the show season.

2011 Daytona Bike Week Update #1

March 07, 2011

Daytona Bike Week presented by AMSOIL kicked off with sunny skies and tempertures in the 70's to welcome riders to this annual event. This is the third year AMSOIL has been a sponsor of the event, but the first as the Presenting Sponsor. Riders arrived early to take advantage of the event, and they were greeted by AMSOIL banners on International Boulevard and Beach street. The 2011 event is expected to draw large crowds of riders from across the United States as well as many other countires across the globe. 2011 also marks the 70th year of his event that ushers in the riding season for motorcycle enthusiasts.

While AMSOIL has a booth in the Welcome Center located in Riverfront Park on Beach Street in Daytona, AMSOIL Dealers are also participating in the event with their own vendor spaces. AMSOIL Dealers are represented at the 3 major destinations of Bike Week: Destination Daytona, Daytona International Speedway, and also in Riverfront Park. Many riders from all corners of the US are already aware of the quality and performance that AMSOIL products provide their toys, and even more riders will see the AMSOIL name as they attend Bike Week. All AMSOIL Dealers will benefit from this sponsorship of one of the countries premier motorcycle rallies.

The activities of Daytona Bike Week presented by AMSOIL will last through the coming week, and wrap up on Sunday March 12.

Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 AMSOIL Mopar Muscle Engine Challenge Participants Announced

The list of 2011 AMSOIL Mopar Muscle Engine Challenge participants has been finalized and announced. Come September, the following 8 competitors will descend on Comp Cams in Memphis to showcase their engine builds and try for their shot at winning. This challenge gives engine builders a platform of which can be used to reach thousands of Mopar enthusiasts in need of their expertise. Returning in 2011 to defend his title is Scott Schurbon of Schurbon Engine & Machine, whose team landed the top spot for the past two competitions. All eyes will be on Team Schurbon to see if they can hold the line and take the title once again for 2011, or if another team takes it from them.

AMSOIL will provide blog updates as the competition gets underway, starting at the Mopar Nationals in August.

Schurbon Engine and Machine
Scott Schurbon

Mid America Racing Engines
David Bruns

B&G Speed and Machine
Bill Hess

T&B’Z Race Engines
Tom & Brenda Foley

Hinkle Performance
Buck Hinkle

Prism Racing
Darren Tedder

HP Engines
Hollis Page

LaRoy Engines
Jim LaRoy

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Street Lethal 'Stang Makes Nice Cover

The April 2011 edition of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords has a feature story on the AMSOIL SEMA GT that was recently featured in the Ford booth at the Chicago Auto Show. This over-the-top Mustang GT made its first appearance at the Source Interlink booth in November. Between the covers writer/photographer Pete Eppel focuses on the stunning graphics that Visual FX produced to dress up this stunner which began with an initial coat of Kona Blue. More than twenty-two photos detail the process from base coat to eye-popping blue flames. In May, MM&FF will continue with more details on this dynamic car that not only delights the eye but makes for one powerful ride. Stay tuned.

Friday, February 18, 2011

AMSOIL Presents Super Chevy Best of the Best 2011

Historically, AMSOIL has always striven to produce the best lubricants on the market. With this kind of attitude, it made sense for AMSOIL to become title sponsor of a competition looking for only the Best of the Best. Just announced, the 2011 AMSOIL Super Chevy Best of the Best is now undergoing final preparations to kick off the Super Chevy Show season in April.

The Super Chevy Shows are a national touring series that just celebrated its 30th anniversary. 2011 promises to be the biggest yet, with 12 stops slated for this year's tour. At each of the 12 events Super Chevy Magazine editors will select the five best cars in each of the following categories: Tri-Five, Camaro, Nova, Chevelle and Full Size 1958-up. Once the editors have chosen the best five, they are posted online for readers to vote for their favorite in each category. These preliminary winners are recognized with an award certificate from Super Chevy and a Preferred Customer membership to buy products wholesale from AMSOIL.

After readers select the first round of their favorites, the 12 winners from each category will be placed on a special web voting page. Readers can vote for their favorite car of the year for each model. At the end of the year the final winners in each category will receive recognition as being the Best of the Best... and will take home $500 in AMSOIL products.

AMSOIL is pleased to lead the movement as the 2011 Super Chevy Tour kicks off and sets out to find the best Chevrolets in the country. See the full schedule below, and make plans now to attend an event in your area. Who knows, you might be the owner of one of America’s best Chevys that could land your ride in the pages of Super Chevy Magazine.

Palm Beach International Raceway, Jupiter, FL, April 8-10
The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Las Vegas, NV, Apr 29-May 1
Virginia Motorsports Park, Petersburg, Va., May 20-22
Texas Motorplex, Dallas, June 3-5
Maple Grove Raceway, Reading, Pa., July 14-17
Bandimere Speedway, Denver, Colo, Aug. 19-21
Spokane County Raceway, Spokane, Wash., Aug. 26-28
Castrol Raceway, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Sept. 2-4
Bristol Dragway, Bristol, Tenn., Sept. 23-25
The Raceway At Houston, Baytown, Texas, Oct. 14-16
Rockingham Dragway, Rockingham, N.C., Oct. 21-23
Firebird International Raceway, Phoenix, Ariz., Oct. 28-30

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Are You the Next Engine Master?

Engine builders: time is running out to submit your entry into the 2011 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge. If you or someone you know has a knack for putting together an engine that can outperform the rest, this is the challenge to be in. 2011 marks the first year in event history with two separate classes: Street and Xtreme Street. With only 20 spots available in each division, only the best of the best will be selected to attend the event in October.

The AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge gives engine builders a platform to showcase their talent amongst some of the best engine builders in the world. If you think you have what it takes, there are only a few days left to submit your application to be considered as a competitor in the 2011 event. Full details, official rules and application can be found here

Hurry, applications need to be postmarked no later than February 15. This challenge boils down to engine AMSOIL building ability and nothing else, so bring your A-game and take your shot at becoming the 2011 Engine Master.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Top Truck Challenge Voting Now Open

The AMSOIL-sponsored Top Truck Challenge is one of the most anticipated events each year, pitting some of the mightiest rigs against one another in a series of punishing challenges. Those selected to compete are at the mercy of seven events aimed at taking them down, with aptly named titles such as the Frame Twister, Tank Trap and Mud Pit.

One of the best parts of this event is that readers of Four Wheeler Magazine are handed the reins in deciding which trucks are up to the task. Readers are given the rundown on the 50 rigs up for consideration, with top vote getters finding themselves preparing for the throwdown in Hollister, CA. Voting is now open, with official ballots being distributed in the April issue of Four Wheeler on stands February 15th. Be sure to pick up the magazine to have your say in who gets a chance to play in this twisted proving ground come June.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

SEMA Sets July 8th as Collector Car Appreciation Day

The Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) has announced July 8th as Collector Car Appreciation Day. This second commemoration is becoming an annual event to raise awareness of the important role automotive history plays in American society.

At the request of SEMA, in 2010 the US Senate helped launch the first national Car Collector Appreciation Day by passing Senate Resolution 513. As a result, last July thousands of Americans attended car cruises, parades, and other events aimed at getting the public involved in this part of American history. Collectors and enthusiasts alike came out all over the nation to organize local events, marking the first year of this significant event.

SEMA is now posting local events as they are reported on their website, and is relying on the public to let them know of events in their area. Check to see if anything is already planned for your region and if not, make plans now to organize your own local car show or parade. Bringing awareness to Collector Car Appreciation Day will ensure it only grows bigger with each coming year, while ushering in future generations to carry on the tradition.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

AMSOIL Great American Circle Track Tour 2011 Dates Announced

In 2010 AMSOIL partnered with Circle Track Magazine to headline the Great American Circle Track Tour that took Senior Tech Editor Bob Bolles through 25 race tracks across the Southeast for a first hand glimpse into what goes into making a night at the races such an American pastime. With each stop landing coverage in exclusive articles and blogs for Circle Track Magazine, the AMSOIL Great American Circle Track Tour was indeed a success and generated lots of buzz. 2011 plans are being orchestrated and Bob is getting ready to hit the road once again, this time throughout the Northeast. AMSOIL will be with him at every stop to spread the word about the racing community happenings and the benefits AMSOIL provides.

What follows is the recently announced 2011 tour schedule, with the possibility of additional stops to be added later. Start making plans now to attend a race in your area this summer and show your support of local racetracks.

Spring 2011:

3/25 Potomac Speedway, Mechanicsville, MD
3/26 Hagerstown Speedway, Hagerstown, MD
4/1 Kil-Kare Speedway, Xenia, OH
4/8 Attica Raceway Park, Attica, OH
4/9 Columbus Speedway, Columbus, OH
4/15 Motordrome Speedway, Smithton, PA
4/16 Lake Erie Speedway, North East, PA
4/23 Sundance Vacations Speedway(Mountain) St. Johns, PA
4/29 Lernerville Speedway, Sarver, PA
4/30 Mahoning Speedway, Lehighton, PA
5/7 New Egypt Speedway, New Egypt, NJ
5/11 West Virginia Motor Speedway Media Day
5/13 Williams Grove Sprints, Mechanicsburg, PA
5/14 Susquehanna Speedway Park, York Haven, PR

Fall 2011:

8/6 Shangri-La Motor Speedway, Tioga Center, NY
8/12 Chemung Speedrome, Chemung, NY
8/13 Canadaigua Speedway, Canadaigua, NY
8/20 Oswego Speedway, Oswego, NY
8/27 Fonda Speedway, Schenectady, NY
9/2 Thunder Road Speedbowl, Barre, VT
9/3 Mohawk Int. Raceway, Hogansburg, NY
9/4 Devils Bowl Speedway, Fair Haven, VT
9/10 Riverside Speedway, Groveton, NH
9/16 Unity Raceway, Unity, ME
9/17 Beech Ridge Motor Speedway, Scarborough, ME
9/22 Thompson, Thompson, CT
9/23 Stafford Speedway, Stafford Springs, CT
9/24 Seekonk Speedway, Seekonk, MA
10/1 Waterford Speedway, Waterford, CT
10/5-9 Cayuga/Syracuse/New York State Fairgrounds,Weedsport, NY

Let's go racing!