Friday, October 11, 2013

Jon Kaase Sets the Bar

Jon Kaase makes beautiful engines that exhibit eye-popping numbers.
The final day of the AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge is underway. Jon Kaase has just completed his run and set the bar for the four teams of engine builders that will follow. We can't divulge his scores but during the course of nine dyno pulls each one improved over the previous and that final pull knocked it out of the park.

Nevertheless, we've only just begun.  Judson Massingill and the School of Automotive Machinists is now setting up in the cell. All action today will be in Dyno Cell #2.

At last night Engine Builder Banquet a number of awards were handed out, including $1,000 prizes from AMSOIL for the Torque Monster and the Horsepower King. The winner of both prizes was David Freelander of Montreal's Freelander Race Engines/Oakley Motorsports. Rob Orava accepted the awards on Freelander's behalf because the team captain had to return to Saudi Arabia. Orava was quite familiar with AMSOIL long before this competition as he has been an AMSOIL Preferred Customer for quite some time.

As title sponsor AMSOIL has provided the each builder with lubricants in advance to experiment with before selecting what they believe will be the optimal viscosity. Here is a page of AMSOIL synthetic racing oils that these teams chose their oils from.

Meantime, we've got ignition in cell #2 and the Massingill Team is on its way to giving us their first run. That rumbling growl is music to our ears.

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