Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Another Strong Day of Dyno Runs at the AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge

Student rolls Joe Carroll's #6 engine to the staging area.
The bustle and excitement on the University of Northwestern Ohio is palpable when the AMSOIL Engine masters Challenge is in town. As we were winding down toward the late afternoon of Day 3 it was apparent that some things never change and some things will always be new. One of the unchanging features is an engaged student body of volunteers assisting the nations leading engine builders with hookups, teardowns and many other matters related to the Engine master Throwdown. A new feature this year is a rules change that has produced some interesting results.

The rules change of note is that instead of competitors doing three warm up dyno runs and three actual runs, the builders this year have 27 minutes to do as many runs as they would like and to choose their best three from whatever should come. It's intriguing because some builders know what they want and set up for those three top tier efforts. Others, however, get a chance to do three runs, then tinker, do another run, tinker a little more and keep making modifications till their time runs out. It has certainly made an impact on the strategy.

Publisher Ed Zinke
Ed Zinke, publisher of Popular Hot Rodding and Engine Masters magazines, noted that he's been keeping track of the dyno scores these past several years and the total numbers of torque and horsepower pulled since AMSOIL took over the reigns as title sponsor are quite astonishing. Check out these numbers:

Torque   16,650
Horsepower   15,126

Torque  21,938.9
Horsepower   18,008.5

Torque   19,568.2
Horsepower  19,165.1

Total to Date
Torque:  58,037.1

Putting together a winning engine means a lot of attention to detail.

After three days of competition the six engines currently residing in the locked quarantine area are as follows, listed in order of highest numbers and most stout performance.

#23  John Milhovetz, Accufab Inc.
#20  Greg Brown, Greg Brown Race Engines
#38  Mark Dalquist, Throttle's Performance
#13  Ron Stanislawck, RCS Racing Engines/RCS/ AMS Vortech
#37  Chris Henderson, Henderson Power Sports
#11  Adney Brown, Performance Crankshaft Inc.

How they finish will be another story. At the end of tomorrow the teams left standing will remain through Friday for the playoff finals and, of course, an awards ceremony where only one team will be again be declared Engine Master.

Engines in quarantine cannot be touched or tinkered with.

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