Wednesday, August 22, 2007

World's Fastest Cadillac Uses AMSOIL

Early last week we mentioned that Johnson's Hot Rod Shop would have a contender on the Bonneville Salt Flats. We knew their Cadillac XLR would be fast, but you never know how fast till you really put it out there. With Gramie Bartles at the wheel, "The Worlds Fastest Cadillac" set a record of 222 mph. (Welcome to the Red Hat Club, Rabbit.)

This was actually a huge accomplishment for this new car that had just been completed within a couple days before Speed Week. The project was initiated in March with the build being completed right at the wire. According to the Johnsons, "Going to Bonneville without any testing and tuning before we got there, even without setting this kind of a record, is an achievement in itself."

Bartles built the chassis and worked closely with the Johnsons on the build to insure the vehicle was up to snuff with regard to the the rules and regulations for S.C.T.A. Alan Johnson from California was the builder of the Northstar engine for the XLR. Owner of the XLR, Bob Johnson, looks forward setting more records with the XLR in the coming months.

All such projects involve many team members. In addition to the many other sponsors who helped with support, Bob indicated his gratitude to AMSOIL for the great products that have given his cars the extra oomph and protection he counts on.

We'll keep an eye on the record books as the Johnsons continue to push the envelope.

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