Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bobby Unser Quotes Provide Inspiration

Fans of the Indy 500 all know the powerhouse racing families that thrilled fans of the Brickyard. Over the past half century the Unsers have been among the most recognized names in racing.

A Cars and Parts article about Robby Unser today reminded us that the Unser story is still a work in progress. The last page has yet to be written as another generation of Unsers makes a name for itself. 9X Pike's Peak Hill Climb champion Robby is son of 13X Pike's Peak champion Bobby, a 3X Indy 500 winner.

Bobby Unser has been a long-time friend of the AMSOIL family from the company's earliest years. It seems like a good day for sharing several inspirational quotes from Robby's father.

"Success is where preparation and opportunity meet."

"Yellow usually means it's not that serious."

"Nobody remembers who finished second but the guy who finished second."

"I feel honesty always works."

Here's a brief video spot in which Bobby explains one of his secrets of success.

And then here's one more quote worth sharing from the senior Unser: "Desire! That's the one secret of every man's career. Not education. Not being born with hidden talents. Desire."

It's easy to see why AMSOIL founder A.J. Amatuzio and Bobby Unser hit it off. They were both driven by passion. What driving you?

Monday, September 29, 2014

Where to Find AMSOIL Locally

The Original, 1972
There was a time when people weren't sure what synthetic oil really was. AMSOIL, the company that brought this new technology to the passenger car market in 1972, didn't have the deep pockets of the major oil companies, and this new kind of oil was something of a mystery to car owners, and seemed expensive. Conventional oil had become a commodity and was used as a loss leader by the nation's auto parts outlets. One thing for certain, once you "got it" you didn't go back.

Twenty years later, things began to change. Due in part to pressures to improve fuel economy, and in part due to the increased performance demands of internal combustion engines, most of the major oil companies followed the AMSOIL lead and began to add synthetic oil to their product lineups. What they didn't have, however, was the two decades experience in formulating premium synthetic lubricants for any and every kind of engine application, and the lessons learned from billions of miles service by real life customers.

In the beginning people asked what it was. Today, people understand the value of AMSOIL synthetic oils and and fluids, and the question now asked is, "Where can I find it?"

AMSOIL is available at our online store at amsoil.com, but you can also use our Online Locator to find an AMSOIL Dealer or retail outlet in your own home town.

For a great video about our roots and our history, visit amsoil.com/about and see what we're really all about.

Friday, September 26, 2014

AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge Update: Two Weeks Away from Crowning New Power Kings

For those who have been following, the AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge (EMC) is a premiere event that pits some of the nations best engine builders in a head-to-head dyno competition unlike any other.

A news story today talks about the roots of the EMC. The Engine Masters Challenge was the brainchild of Scott Parkhurst and the Popular Hot Rodding magazine staff way back in the year 2000. The idea was simple: they shoot out three different engines on the same dyno under the same conditions and with a clear set of rules used to establish a single winner.  

5X winner Jon Kaase making adjustments.
Earlier this year Popular Hot Rodding magazine was folded into the powerful Hot Rod magazine, a change that will only help give the competition an even higher profile. There are other changes for 2014, as editor Steve Dulcich explains. “The competition will be scored in a new way, taking an aggregate score based on average horsepower and torque over the entire scored operating rpm range and then adding in the peak power and torque per cubic inch in determining the final score. The effect of this change in the scoring system is to place a higher weight on peak horsepower and torque numbers. This will reduce the influence on the score of engine performance at very low rpm.” 

One thing that will remain a constant is the excitement generated beginning the morning of October 6 when the first engines are brought into their respective dyno cells. One Friday October 10, two weeks from today and at approximately this very hour, the 2014 AMSOIL Engine Masters champion team will be announced.

Read Thursday's Hot Rod news for more details.

Special thanks to everyone at the University of Northwest Ohio (UNOH) for providing such great facilities and hospitality. We look foward to seeing you soon.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Help Us Find the Stolen Vintage Motorcycles

A couple weeks back we did a blog story here about the coast-to-coast motorcycle adventure called The Cannonball Run, a long-distance marathon on vintage motorcycles. American Iron editor Buzz Kanter and three team mates were making the run again this year, and AMSOIL was helping keep their bikes lubed for the duration.

Yesterday news came out that the motorcycles of four other riders were stolen, a heartbreaking way to be taken out of an event like this which ought to be a joyous, even if grueling, group experience.

We're posting the story here in the hopes that if you know people who know people we want to help get the word out to you. The four vintage Harley-Davidsons were stolen from the Hotel Murano in Tacoma, Washington. There's a $20,000 reward being offered by Team Carson Classic Motors.

The news broke here at the Cycle World website where you can read full details on the types of motorcycles that were taken and what you can do to help apprehend the criminals.

Johnny Cash's Rolls-Royce for Sale

We're all familiar with his deep baritone voice. "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash." So began his live concerts for a time, identifying with down-and-outers, performing in prisons, and representing the heart of Americana. He was The Man in Black, and his iconic career crossed multiple genres of music from rock and roll, rockabilly and blues to folk, and gospel.

This week a Rolls-Royce once gifted to this star musician was in the news, going up for sale at auction, with no reserve. The Rolls was given to Cash by ABC back when he had his television variety show. It was used to ferry him around for more than a decade before being sold to a private owner in the 1980s.

The history of Rolls-Royce is a long one, nearly as old as the auto industry itself. From the getgo it was a premium car that turned heads and emptied bank accounts. There were only 100 Rolls-Royces a year being sold in the United States when adman David Ogilvy was hired to expand the company's reach into the U.S. market. Ogilvy agreed to do what he could with the $50,000 they paid and he produced a single, well-placed ad that tripled the company's sales. The ad headline proclaimed, "A 60 miles per hour the loudest noise in this new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock." In the following year 300 new cars were shipped to America. You can see that ad and read the rest of the ad copy here.

Charles Rolls was the first undergraduate at Cambridge to own a car, and needless to say he had a passion. When he met Sir Henry Royce the two hit it off. Royce's attention to detail and pursuit of perfection were just the kinds of qualities Rolls valued and the two set about building the best cars in the world.

Today the company continues to maintain the same high standards that put them in the history books. The manufacturer still pursues the same attention to detail. They are also aiming to expand their market by appealing to a new generation of young style-driven owners. Car & Driver magazine, in an article featuring 25 cars worth waiting for shines a spotlight on the new 2-door version of the Rolls-Royce Ghost called the Wraith. If you're a billionaire the $300,000 price tag is probably chump change.

The photos here are of a striking Rolls-Royce courtesy Can Stock.
(c) Can Stock Photo