Monday, July 28, 2014

Heat Puts Stress On Engine Oils

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally begins this coming weekend.
When you think about it, we demand a lot from our motor oil. For example, we all want better fuel economy, so we’re using lighter oils. However, we also want engines to produce more power per cubic inch. To add power, we’re putting in turbochargers which raise the engine temperatures and put higher stress on our oil.

That’s not the only stress. We value cleaner air, so new devices that reduce exhaust emissions place more contamination in the oil and increase engine temperatures. We’ve also cut aerodynamic drag, a plus for vehicle owners, but brutal on oil. By minimizing the air flow over the engine and drivetrain, temperatures also rise.

In fact, the average under-the-hood temperature had increased from 175 degrees Fahrenheit in 1975 to 225 degrees by 2000. Our vehicles are increasingly complex and powerful machines. To keep them running smoothly, we’re demanding that our lubricants do more and last longer.

That is why synthetic motor oils and drivetrain fluids have been increasing in market receptivity over the past two decades. For more information about AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, visit the AMSOIL website at

With the Sturgis motorcycle rally just around the corner (AMSOIL staff will be on-site setting up by the end of this week) it seems a good time to direct you to our new Dyno Torture Test video. You can see with your own eyes how heat puts stress on motor oils, especially in hard-working V-Twin engines. And how AMSOIL does its part to protect those engines. It's what we're about.

Friday, July 25, 2014

More Pictures from the AMSOIL/Street Rodder Eastwood Summer Classic Road Tour: Woodstock, Port Jervis and on to Pottstown

Road Tour director Jerry Dixey sent us another report, along with bunches of photos as the AMSOIL/Street Rodder Road Tour continues to wend its way through the Northeast.

Wednesday morning the Tour rolled across Connecticut to cross into New York, their first destination being the Old Reinbeck Aerodrome in Red Hook. It’s only natural that after seeing boats and ports, cars and motorcycles, they would take in a visit to an airplane collection. Though one of our current advertising campaigns features the message of our manufacturing synthetic oils for any engine, the reality is that we no long produce oil for airplanes as we once did for the Rutan Racer.

The Old Reinbeck Aerodome is an amazing collection of very early airplanes and related items that was originally begun by Cole Palen back in 1951. Since Mr. Palen’s passing a number of years ago it has been managed by a non-profit trust. On summer weekends they re-enact dog-fights that recreate the battles of World War One. For a nominal admission fee tourists can visit the Aerodome during the week.

From there it was on to the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, best known as the site of the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969. Dixey notes, “It was fun for me to relate my experiences on that hill 45 years ago as an 18-year-old child of the 60’s. The museum tells the story of that era and shows in detail the story of the weekend in August of 1969 when so many people attended the most famous rock concert in history.”

Leaving Bethel Woods the Road Tourians made their way to the city of Port Jervis, New York where they had been invited to a special cruise night arranged by the Cruisin’ Port folks. Thursday morning it was photo shoot time for the AMSOIL/Street Rodder Road Tour gallery when each driver and passenger poses with their vehicles, then it was off through the Delaware Water Gap. After a stop with the Hi-Winders Car Club in Bangor, Pa. it was on to Pottstown where they cleaned up their cars for the evening cruise in Elverson, Pa. at the Sonic Restaurant. Everyone was talking about the Eastwood Summer Classic that is taking place tomorrow. Can’t wait to see what happens next….

"By the time we got to Woodstock..."

And on and on and on it goes....

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Diesel Power Challenge Now Airing on YouTube

Back in May, ten diesel truck owners and their teams descended on Denver, Colo. to put their rigs through several punishing trials known as the Diesel Power Challenge. The event is filmed on location for later release on DVD, but now is your chance to watch the action for free. Diesel Power Magazine has decided to release a new clip each day that shows just what these diesels endured throughout the week. The event did not unfold without drama, as competitors dealt with electrical issues, nitrous backfires and much more. See the events leading up to Lavon Miller’s exciting win despite his setback of power steering loss on the second day of competition.

This week, through tomorrow, July 25, the Motor Trend Channel has been posting fresh videos daily. From high-wattage horsepower numbers on the dyno to impressive obstacle course runs, the 2014 Diesel Power Challenge delivered a serious power trip to diesel enthusiasts.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

So Much To See and Do in the Northeast for AMSOIL Street Rodder Road Tourians

The Breakers... Vanderbilt summer home.
The AMSOIL Street Rodder Road Tour is making its way through the Northeast this week on what has been tagged as the Eastwood Summer Classic leg of the Road Tour. Hey, Jerry... are you having fun yet?

The photos our Road Tour Director has sent this week indicate that this is again a very special circuit for Road Tourians. Beginning at the Syracuse Nationals the gathered tour weaves its way through New York State, Rhode Island, Connecticut and on to Massachusetts. Along the way sights have included The Breakers, a variety of special car and nostalgia collections, the Connecticut Street Rod Association (where they were guests at a party last night), Newport Harbor, Cape Cod Bay, and a dive down into Pennsylvania, ultimately aiming for Hershey Thursday to wind up at the third annual Eastwood Summer Classic in Pottstown, PA.

One of the highlights for Jerry Dixey will be stopping at Bethel, New York where one of the most famous rock concerts in history took place 45 years ago this August on Max Yasgur's 600 acre dairy farm. For Jerry it will be a nostalgic moment as he reflects on what he saw and heard there a lifetime ago.

Here are few of the memories being taken away on this leg of the tour... and this summary of one day's details.

Ride on!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

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At AMSOIL, there’s always something happening. From new product releases and advertisements, to racing and sponsorship announcements, spreading the word has never been easier since the onset of the Internet in the early nineties. Today’s technology offers many different ways of connecting with the public with Facebook and Twitter two of today’s
most powerful tools in social and business networking. AMSOIL now utilizes both to keep Dealers and customers alike informed of new developments within our company. With so much information available today, it helps having a direct source of information you can rely on to find what you’re looking for.

Sturgis is just around the corner. The next leg of the AMSOIL Street Rodder Road Tour is coming up. Racing events, car shows and the latest hot cars to go gaga over can all be found on these AMSOIL social media outlets and through our various eNewsletters.

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