Thursday, August 21, 2014

AMSOIL Street Rodder Road Tour Takes in Motor City

The 2014 AMSOIL Street Rodder Road Tour is over halfway through, and it’s been quite a ride so far for Jerry Dixey and crew. Participants just finished what might be the best round yet with the Tour taking them through the historic automotive sights and sounds only found in upper Michigan. A full week of access to museums, car collections and other famed automotive attractions awaited them as they made their way towards the final destination at the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit, Mich. The Woodward Dream Cruise has become one of the biggest car events in the world, drawing in over one million people and spanning over 13 miles. Road Tourians enjoyed VIP status at the heart of the scene under the hospitality tent awaiting their arrival. The view of endless custom street rods, hot rods, muscle cars and everything in between was excellent with prime seating for tour participants. At the end of the last day, the 1959 Impala leading the tour rolled down Woodward Ave to cheers and applause from spectators.

There is still time to register for any of the remaining excursions in the 2014 AMSOIL Street Rodder Road Tour. If you own a street rod this is the ideal opportunity to hit the open road with fellow enthusiasts. For those that don’t a street rod, be sure to check out the schedule and make plans to attend any of the stops along the way.

Just watching the river of cars flow by.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Change Your Oil – Your Trees Will Hug You For It

On the surface, oil mixes with environmental stewardship as well as water. Anyone who’s concerned about the environment is supposed to oppose oil, right? They’re supposed to view oil as a commodity one uses begrudgingly and only out of necessity.

Switching to a high-quality synthetic oil, however, can change one’s outlook. Premium synthetic lubricants – like AMSOIL synthetic motor oils – deliver surprising environmental benefits compared to conventional oils.

The first is extended drain intervals. The main benefit of driving longer between oil changes is obvious – less waste oil to dispose of. Say you drive 15,000 miles per year and change oil about every 5,000 miles. You have to buy, use and dispose of 15 quarts of oil each year (assuming your engine holds five quarts). If you switch to AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil, which carries a recommended service interval of 25,000 miles/one year (15,000 miles/one year in severe service), you only need five quarts of oil per year. (Make sure to check your oil periodically and top-off as necessary.) Not only do you enjoy the convenience of a once-a-year oil change, you significantly cut the amount of waste oil entering the supply stream. Imagine if every car and truck on the road used Signature Series and changed oil once a year. The reduction in waste oil would be staggering, and that’s not taking into account the benefits of sourcing less oil in the first place.

The air we breathe also benefits from AMSOIL synthetic motor oils. Conventional motor oils are more volatile than synthetics, meaning they boil off, or evaporate, more readily when exposed to extreme heat. When oil evaporates, it produces emissions that exit the tailpipe and enter the atmosphere, contributing to air pollution. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils offer better resistance to volatility, helping cut emissions and air pollution.

AMSOIL synthetic lubricants also maximize fuel economy. Unlike their conventional counterparts, AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are engineered with pure molecular structures that allow their molecules to slip more easily over one another, resulting in less restriction to moving engine parts. Less restriction reduces the amount of energy lost to friction, increasing fuel economy and benefiting the environment.

Switching to AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and practicing extended drain intervals is a small step that, if we all take, can lead to big changes down the road.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Three Winners Will Get their Snowmobiles Upgraded at Hay Days

Josh Bretzman's '06 Sno Pro 440 
A couple weeks ago we announced a Sled Rehab contest in which three snowmobile enthusiasts would be given a sled rehab at Hay Days. Three sleds will receive a full sled makeover to include a custom graphics kit, skis, hand guards, clutch kit and premium AMSOIL products for snowmobiles.

Facebook fans and followers of AMSOIL Racing had the opportunity to post photos of their sleds along with a brief explanation as to why it needed of a transformation. The sleds were voted on and the top three vote-getters received an FXR clothing prize package valued at approximately $500.00 along with all the rest of the goods.

Tom TeBeest compares his sled to Betty White.
The partners in this giveaway include Scheuring Speed Sports, ISOC, Straightline Performance, Woody’s, C&A Pro Skis, Action Graphics, Rox Speed FX, FXR and Sled Head 24/7 with the total prize package valued at approximately $1,500. In addition to the upgrades mentioned above the winning snowmobiles will receive a custom sled wrap from Action Graphics and AMSOIL Interceptor, Chain Case Oil and Waterproof Grease. In short, these sleds will soon be ready for winter.

Overall winner Josh Bretzman says he loves his sled but doesn't have the time and money to fix it up. This is a great way to start the new season for Josh.

Thomas TeBeest says, "My TNT just doesn't 'DOO it for me anymore! This '08 MXZ TNT 500ss is still the best bang for your buck on the snow. It runs like a top, handles great and is a ball to ride! The new iron is sharp but how can I justify getting a new sled when this one has all I need including push-button electric start? And with only 3400 miles, it's barely broken in! The downside is it looks like every other MXZ on the trail. I mean, it is BONE stock except for the accessory windshield. Next to the new sleds it just begs for attention. It sure could use some new life!"

Thomas adds this kicker: "She's alot like Betty White... She may be gettin' old but she's still a heckuva gal-- she's just long overdue for a makeover! Hey AMSOIL -- pimp my ride!!!"

That's just what we'll be doing at Hay Days.

The third sled to get a makeover that weekend will be Traci Leonard's machine. "I moved to the U.P of Michigan 1 year ago primarily for my love of snowmobiling. I had a Firecat previously and bought a 2005 M6 when I moved here. I absolutely love it and ride at least 5 days a week 5 months of the year. It runs great but I would be more than ecstatic to get a new look and spunk to this nearly 10 year old sled. I am a girl and want to make a statement to all the male riders here in the U.P.!"

You can tell that this girl just wants to have fun.

Hay Days is just around the corner. Let it snow!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Some People Have All The Fun: Shock Therapy at Mercedes-Benz Superdome

For some reason monster trucks make an impact on children of all ages, 5 to 95. One can't help but wonder what it must be like to be sitting astride all all power, to have at your control that much horsepower.

AMSOIL Shock Therapy is not only a great product but is also the emblematic name for Sudden Impact Racing's stellar monster of a monster truck that has been competing since 2008. Here's some footage of the high-flying truck doing some freestyle acrobatics at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. How would you like to put yourself in that driver's seat?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Heavy Rain Can't Dampen Road Tourians' Spirits

Earlier this week the Detroit found itself on the receiving end of its hardest rainfall in a century. Nevertheless, despite somewhat hazardous conditions on certain highways and byways, the AMSOIL/Street Rodder Road Tour has had another exciting week as it traipses about the historic city of Detroit. The only thing really dampened were the carpeting and some of the contents of the less prepared vehicles.

As luck would have it, the entire day Tuesday was scheduled for a single location: Ypsilanti, Michigan. First stop, Kalitta Motorsportds.

There are not many drag racers more famous than Connie Kalitta and very few teams that have been as successful as his. And like many men of achievements there's a place to go where you can learn about their history and the qualities that made them heroic. During a tour of the huge race shop the Road Tourians were present as the team rigs were being loaded to head out to Minnesota to compete in the NHRA event at Brainerd. It was an up-close look at one of the best teams in professional drag racing and insight into what it takes to be successful in the sport.

Next stop, the Willow Run Airport and the Yankee Air Museum. The museum tells many stories from aviation history but goes in depth in telling the story of the Willow Run Assembly Plant that was built by Ford Motor Company and was one of the major airplane manufacturing facilities of World War II. The museum displays military aircraft from many conflicts including an F-15 and a Huey helicopter from the Vietnam War.

After a tasty lunch at the Sidetrack Bar and Grille the group hoofed it across the tracks to the Automotive Heritage Museum. The museum centers on products and vehicles built in and around Ypsilanti including the Hudson, Kaiser-Frasier products, GM autos including the Chevy II, the Corvair and the GM Turbo Hydromatic transmission were all part of Ypsilanti auto history. Ypsilanti was also the home of Preston Tucker of the Tucker automobile fame.

The Michigan Firehouse Museum just up the street became their final stop where they saw vintage firefighting apparatus from the earliest times up to present.

It's impossible to talk about the Yankee Air Museum without noting that AMSOIL was founded by a Lt. Colonel in the Duluth Air National Guard with significant achievements in that field. Al Amatuzio's greatest achievement, however, came about as result of his commitment to finding a way to bring jet engine lubrication technology into automotive applications, for which he was later inducted into the Lubricants World Hall of Fame.

Here's Al Amatuzio talking about the values that drove him and upon which AMSOIL has been founded:

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