Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Bonneville: It's a Go!

Bonneville Speed Week is just around the corner now. The Coddington team is racing to get the AMSOIL vehicle ready for its big show. And the Speed Week crew is busy preparing a place to run. Here’s Jo in her new fire suit, all smiles and rarin’ to go.

In case you have not heard, the weather has created a bit of drama. As with all outdoor racing events, weather can be a problem. Baseball games can be cancelled; Indy races can be postponed. Bonneville Speed Week owns no exemptions from these circumstances.

As of last week, there was still standing water on the track, as much as six inches at the end of the long course. The Utah heat evaporates water at about a half inch a day, and the time would have run out for getting the old course ready. Fortunately, the prep team has located an alternative run and are busy getting things in order for new attempts at world records. The word on the street -- or rather, the Flats -- is that it continues to be all systems go.

Here's a snapshot of Boyd examining the new Ea Air Induction Filter from AMSOIL using our proprietary absolute efficiency nanofiber technology.

About Bonneville
The Bonneville Salt Flats is a 30,000 acre state park located just east of Wendover on the Utah/Nevada border. There are two courses of varying lengths, the shorter five mile course for slower vehicles and a longer course for speedy cats, generally 7 miles or more in length.

Trivia Note: The Pontiac Bonneville sedan was named after the flats as well as the Triumph Bonneville motorcycle.

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