Friday, April 29, 2011

Diesel Power Challenge Just Days Away

The much-anticipated 2011 Diesel Power Challenge is nearing, and 13 competitors are gearing up to bring their rigs to Denver for this invitational event starting May 3rd. AMSOIL will be on hand to witness the 3-day torture test that will determine who owns the ultimate diesel: will it be a Chevy, Ford or Dodge this year? Read on to see what challenges are in store for these competitors.

Day One: Stress Testing
All trucks will be hooked up to a chassis dyno to see how much torque and power each truck is capable of. Day one gives everyone a good gauge into who has what it takes and, in the words of Diesel Power Magazine, who brought a knife to a gunfight.

Day Two: Track Day
Day two finds competitors at the drag strip to see which of the trucks not only has the power, but the speed to back it up. After taking their first run, a 10,000-lb trailer is hitched to the truck to see who can haul it the fastest down the eight-mile. Day two will end with an all-new event for 2011 called Trailer Maneuvering, designed to keep competitors on their toes. Details on this new event are scarce, which could be telling of the magnitude of this new challenge.

Day Three: Convoy & Tug-of-War
Beginning the final day at dawn, the trucks will be fueled up, weighed, and sent out on a 150-mile road trip to gauge fuel economy and durability. While this may seem to be the easiest part of the challenge, these points count and could end up determining the final outcome for the winner. After the road trip, any trucks still standing will be hooked up to a 30,000-lb sled in an extreme game of tug-of-war. Whoever takes the sled the furthest gets the points, and in this challenge every point counts.

After all events are complete the truck still standing with the most points is declared winner and owner of the best diesel truck in North America. Check back next week here on the AMSOIL website for live updates and details on how it all goes down.

Top right: Trucks in staging at a raceway outside Nashville, Day 2 at last year's Diesel Power Challenge

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