Friday, October 1, 2010

AMSOIL Joins Forces with Deer & Deer Hunting TV

Fall is now upon us, and with it comes the start of the hunting season millions of enthusiasts wait for all year. This summer AMSOIL increased its visibility in the hunting market by becoming a sponsor of Deer & Deer Hunting TV. Deer & Deer Hunting also produces a high quality magazine and holds a strong online presence. Founded in 1977 by avid hunters, Deer & Deer Hunting has become the go-to place for hunters seeking to perfect their craft.

AMSOIL not only has lubricants for guns, we also take care of the ATVs and UTVs as well as the food plot equipment many deer hunters use.

The 2010 Deer & Deer Hunting television season kicked off with footage of publisher Brad Rucks taking a nice buck in Kentucky, bringing motivation to the team from the start. Be sure to tune into the Versus Network to catch this season of Deer & Deer Hunting TV, and let AMSOIL help you have a successful season. Check for full details and schedule.

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PHOTO: Executive producer Chris Hermans captures footage of an exchange between editor Dan Schmidt and hunting enthusiast Ted Nugent. Ted discussed ethics and the future of hunting in his standard tell it like it is style.

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