Monday, March 10, 2014

Americans Love The Outdoors

Pete Maina, co-host of The Next Bite television show.
Rugged individualism and a strong work ethic were two values that are often identified with the American way. From the earliest settlers onward the sense of destiny wasn't a given. People believed you had to work for it, and through many generations the nation increased in wealth and stature.

But there's another strong value that runs side by side with those early fundamentals. We're a nation who loves the outdoors. Whether it's hiking, camping, skiing or snowmobiling, we're enthusiastic about getting out in the open air, both actively and leisurely. As the song goes, "Give me land, lots of land, and sunny skies above... don't fence me in."

According to a 2011 study by the Outdoor Foundation 50 million Americans participate in running, jogging or trail running. More than 45 million Americans are fishing enthusiasts. 42 million enjoy biking of one kind or another and a similar number enjoy camping.

The 39-page Outdoor Recreation Participation Report 2011 went into great detail regarding the demographics of outdoor activity. It explored outdoor activities by age, as well as by race, geography and family type. It also outlined the economic impact of all this activity.

Based on the numbers a good portion of you who are reading this are into fishing, whether freshwater, saltwater of fly fishing. It might useful to know that AMSOIL has a good selection of marine products to help maintain your fishing craft, whether a trailer boat, pontoon or serious off-shore adventure boat. Whether you're fishing for blue gills, walleye or tuna, we have products that will make sure you get back safely to harbor so your concern will only be with how to fix your catch afterwards, and not with regard to whether you'll get home before dusk.

Meantime, get out and enjoy the sun.

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