Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Top Truck Challenge Now Underway in Hollister Hills

Some might say that only one event is worthy enough to crown the Ultimate Top Truck in the country, and that is the 2010 Top Truck Challenge. AMSOIL is once again a proud sponsor for the 2010 event, now in progress in Hollister Hills, CA. 10 rigs have been selected by readers of Four Wheeler Magazine to compete for the win, and a fresh crop of competitors is gearing up to take the title from 2009 winner David Green. To recap, the challenge pits competitors in a series of grueling events with apt titles such as the Frame Twister, Mud Pit and Tank Trap. Not for the faint of heart, this challenge can take down the mightiest trucks in the country while keeping the drivers on their toes throughout the entire week. Whoever completes these challenges in the best time (or in some cases, at all) will be crowned the winner of this year’s event and will take home supreme bragging rights. For an idea of what the competitors are in for, check out our 2009 blog recap with some quotes from past competitors that sum up the challenge nicely.

While the event just got underway on today, AMSOIL is keeping up with the latest happenings by way of Technical Product Manager Len Groom who is on hand to witness the action. AMSOIL is installed in all the competing trucks, ensuring their fluids are up to par with the challenges they face. Check back for updates this week for all the dirt on what went down.

Top right: The traditional line-up, ten competitors and two alternates, in their blaze orange t-shirts and unblemished machines.
Left: Jose Quichoco came all the way from Guam to become a contender in this year's Challenge.
Below: Over a BBQ at the Challenger's Camp, editor Doug McCoullough briefs the drivers on the week to come. Monday went well. All competitors arrived with minimal problems.

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