Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Coast-to-Coast with AMSOIL: Team American Iron on the Cannonball Run

Kanter takes a time out to have a new regulator installed.
American Iron magazine editor Buzz Kanter is currently on the road with his 1936 Harley VLH and three lifelong friends in an attempt to conquer the 4,000-mile cross-country trek known as the Cannonball Run. The Cannonball Run is not a speed race, but rather a test of endurance that takes riders from coast to coast over the course of two weeks. The catch? This event is only open to bikes manufactured 1936 and earlier. Yes, every bike in the race is at LEAST 78 years old and running on the original motor. Many updates have been added for safety’s sake, but the core of each bike has been restored to its former glory days. At least that’s the objective. We received an update from Kanter and though it’s just a few days in, it’s been quite a ride so far.

Coined Team American Iron, Kanter and crew are still in the running and aiming to finish despite severe weather setbacks and stops to fix mechanical and parts failures. Kanter reports sightings of many other riders dealing with similar issues roadside along the way, as can be expected when these antique machines are on the road. However, participants of the Cannonball Run anticipate and prepare for this and most are back up and running in no time. One member of Kanter’s team, Pat Simmons of Doobie Brothers fame, found an innovative way of getting back on the road after his oil drain plug had fallen out. He pulled over, found a suitable stick and got to whittling it down to size so it could plug the drain and get him to a place where it could be fixed properly. These are the things one must do to stay in the Cannonball running, and these riders have certainly shown they are up to the task. All Team American Iron members have faced issues that took them off the road. From broken coils and chains to replacing batteries, these guys haven’t let any of it stop them from getting back in the saddle.

Some of the other vintage Harley's making the run.
Of course, it’s worth mentioning that AMSOIL is installed in the bikes of Team American Iron. These old motors need an oil capable of taking them from Daytona, Beach, Fla. to Tacoma, Wash. without failure. AMSOIL is definitely up to the challenge, giving them peace of mind to Ride Hard and Run Cool. While parts may break and cost them some time, the hearts of their machines will keep on ticking.

Check back soon for another update after the Cannonball Run and see how the rest of the journey pans out and learn Team American Iron’s final rank.

Listen to Buzz talk about his Vintage 1936 Harley.

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