Thursday, December 12, 2013

Aerosols: A Brief History and an Intro to Our Family

The concept of using an aerosol spray method of dispensing liquids or powders originated more than two hundred years ago, though the first patent wasn’t granted till 1899. Many evolutions later, the lightweight aluminum spray cans we’re familiar with came into being.

During World War II the military funded research to develop a lightweight means of spraying bugs so that soldiers would be protected from malaria-carrying insects. Thus it was that fluorocarbons became the propellant of choice for popular post-war products like hair spray and spray paints.

In the seventies the negative impact of fluorocarbons on the ozone layer led to the development of alternative propellants that were safe and environmentally friendly.

Today the aerosol method of dispensing products has widespread applications. AMSOIL has a number of aerosol cleaners, lubricants and protectants, each with different functions. Some, like our popular Miracle Wash, were converted to aerosol this past year. The others, from Silicone Spray to MP, have beeen attractively dressed in new packaging with a vibrant new look.

History can be fascinating. Everything that exists was at one time not. Something eventually sparked an idea, and others built on it. Even something as mundane as aerosol has a story.

What's your story?

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