Friday, April 30, 2010

Diesel Power Challenge Just Days Away

The Diesel Power Challenge is a made for TV/DVD competition that is also used to create dramatic editorial for Diesel Power magazine, the leading publication in the diesel truck sector.

The 2010 Diesel Power Challenge kicks off on Tuesday, May 4th in Bowling Green, KY. The past few months have kept competitors busy as they prepare to do battle. During the final days before the event, competitors are gearing up for their shot at each of the trials that ultimately decide who takes the title as owner of the top diesel truck in the country for 2010. (See here for the list of events aimed at separating the strong from the weak in the competitor pool.) Returning champion Robert Evans is back defending his 2009 win, but has some work to do with 15 other teams that want nothing more than to see the rest eat dirt as they claim that title for 2010.

Check back next week for live updates and commentary from Ed Newman and Molly Brown, who will be in Bowling Green to watch it all go down. Will it be Ford, GM, or Dodge? With each owning a passionate following of enthusiasts, find out next week who ultimately earns bragging rights.

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