Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Countdown to the 2010 AMSOIL Diesel Power Challenge

Across the nation, 16 competitors are gearing up for what some consider the ultimate title as a Diesel truck owner: winner of the AMSOIL Diesel Power Challenge. One team is even flying in from Down Under! Diesel Power Magazine selects the competitors from a pool of hundreds of entrants vying for the opportunity to be crowned the champion, but only one can come out on top. Preparing these trucks for the challenge is a feat unto itself, with some past competitors being plagued with problems that took them out of the competition before they even started.
This year brings 2009 champion Robert Evans back to defend his title, along with 5 trucks from each of the diesel greats: Team Ford, Team GM and Team Dodge. Each of these competitors has something to prove, and they will do so by attempting to dominate in the following tests of endurance.

Separating the Dyno Queens, From the Dyno King
Day one will have all competitors testing on a chassis dyno to benchmark each trucks’ starting potential in torque. The end of the day will tell who has the edge in torque power, earning whoever ends up on top an intimidating presence for the start of the competition.

Track Day
Day two will take the trucks to the dragstrip to see what they are capable of in the speed category. Each one will be hooked up to a 10,000 pound trailer to haul down the eight-mile. (Top Right) To wrap up day two, an all-new 2010 braking test will keep everyone on their A-game.

Day three begins at dawn, with each truck fueling up and heading out on a 150-mile road trip across Kentucky to gauge their durability and fuel economy.

Finally, all trucks still standing will hook up a 30,000-pound sled and attempt to haul it further than anyone else in the competition. At the end of this final challenge, all scores are added up and the winner will be determined by the driver with the most points.

AMSOIL Director of Advertising Ed Newman and Technical Product Manager Molly Brown will be on hand in Bowling Green, Kentucky to witness the action. Check back here soon for information on the teams, drivers, and live updates when the challenge starts in the coming weeks.

Lower right: Diesel Power editor David Kennedy and Molly Brown of AMSOIL present the DPC Trophy and prizes to Iraqi War veteran Robert Evans, winner of the 2009 Diesel Power Challenge.

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