Friday, December 11, 2009

2010 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge Announced

Since its inception in 1972 AMSOIL has been known as the leader in synthetic lubricant technology. As such, we are always on the lookout for opportunities to prove to the masses that we deserve such a title. That’s one reason AMSOIL has officially joined Popular Hot Rodding Magazine’s annual ‘Engine Masters Challenge’ for the 2010 competition as title sponsor. (The other is getting alongside some of the most talented engine builders in North America to see what they are capable of.) This year’s theme is ‘Taking It to the Streets’ and AMSOIL is poised to do just that. The 2010 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge (EMC) Presented by Popular Hot Rodding is gearing up to announce some exciting new changes in this year’s event, and the final groundwork is being laid out at this week’s PRI show in Orlando.

Similar to the Mopar Muscle Engine Challenge that AMSOIL also sponsors, the EMC pits over 30 competitors against one another to see who can build the most powerful engine. In a series of tests designed to measure torque, power, and performance only one will come out on top as the leader in engine building innovation. AMSOIL will be installed in each and every engine to ensure that any mechanical breakdowns will not be due to the lubricants that keep the engine humming. While past events have had stiff competition with as many as 28 of 29 engines completing without failure, this challenge is no easy feat and anything can happen. The stakes are a little higher this year with AMSOIL offering the winning team $3,000 cash along with $2,000 in AMSOIL products. More details will be forthcoming here in the AMSOIL Events Blog, as well as the February issue of Popular Hot Rodding Magazine on news stands December 22nd.

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