Thursday, November 6, 2008

Las Vegas Dealer Meeting a Success

At the end of a long day with a multitude of miles under your feet walking a major show like SEMA, you would think the evening would be a nice time to kick back and relax. Technical director Dan Peterson and director of aftermarket products Karl Dedolph consider it only the start of a typical day here in Las Vegas. Evenings offer additional opportunities to share the AMSOIL story and tell what's new.

Actually, Karl and Dan conducted two meetings yesterday. In the afternoon, they presented a technical seminar on gasoline additives at the Las Vegas Convention Center which was attended by show goers, editors and AMSOIL Dealers. In the evening, they held a meeting for AMSOIL Dealers at the Distribution Center here.

The agenda was packed with DJ introductions, announcements, an overview of AMSOIL performance products, sales testimonials, Q&A, and previews of coming attractions. Attendees began arriving at 5:00 p.m. Pizzas were ordered, followed by good conversations until 7:00 when the meeting started, continuing till 9:15, with good conversations and informative exchanges taking place later still.

Feedback from the attendees was that it was fun and informative, with lots of Dealer participation. The Jim Cleary and staff did a great job with preparing the facilities and in hospitality. As they say, you should have been there.

Photos: Tech director Dan Peterson; photos by Karl Dedolph.

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