Friday, December 7, 2007

PRI Show Has It All

Canopies, trailers, racing suits, merchandise, licensing, associations, pistons, cams, gears, engine components, dynos, shocks, engines, wheels, transmissions, bodies, frames, graphics, filters, intakes, cylinder heads, gaskets, brakes, fuels – if it has to do with racing, it’s here in Orlando at the PRI Show, including many of the racers themselves.

The show not only covers every component for racers, it covers every kind and style of racing from go-karts to NASCAR and everything in between.

Boyd and Jo Coddington were impressed by the scope of the racing industry, having their first racing adventures at Bonneville this summer. Yesterday afternoon they presented their story of the Salt Fever Bonneville build and in the evening were the featured speakers at a special AMSOIL Dealer meeting. For all who attended it was a memorable evening with two really influential and generous people. Much like A.J. Amatuzio and AMSOIL re-defined the standards for quality in the oil industry, so Boyd Coddington re-defined the hot rod scene with his creative, passionate approach and love of cars.

If you’re a racing enthusiast, be sure to follow the AMSOIL racing teams on our racing blog or visit the racing section of our site, which is jam packed with racing news, photo galleries, video racing footage, and more. If you are a racer using AMSOIL lubricants and filters, send us your photos and tell us your story. Perhaps we’ll be able to add you to the testimonials section of our site.

Boyd and Jo at entrance of the sunlit Orlando Convention.

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