Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 Year in Review

It’s been an exciting run for AMSOIL these past ten years, with steady growth and increasing participation in so many great events. This year was no exception with many new partnerships formed with some great people and great organizations.

Beginning in January we became an official sponsor of the National Street Rod Association. The NSRA hosts street rod events in various parts of the country for people who are passionate and nostalgic about cars. The organization is like an extended family of vintage car lovers.

After a chance meeting at the Mid-America Truck Show in Louisville, AMSOIL became affiliated with another passionate lover of street rods, Boyd Coddington. Coddington, whose unique approach to building hot rods had a major impact on the hot rod scene, had been invited to Tulsa to help resurrect a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere at an event called Tulsarama, the 100th anniversary of Oklahoma statehood. The car had been buried in a vault in 1957 and the crew from Coddington’s show American Hot Rod was gathered to get it started. The intention was to install AMSOIL synthetic motor oils and Ea filters on the car as part of the process, but alas, despite the good intentions the car proved to be an unsalvageable rustbucket, having set underwater for years or even decades.

The Coddington / AMSOIL relationship was only just beginning, however, as Boyd and Jo Coddington united their team around a groundbreaking Bonneville build. Their aim would be to set a new record for the fastest pre-1934 roadster, 3 liter/blown gas/modified with Jo Coddington at the wheel. The building of the AMSOIL/Coddington roadster, dubbed “Salt Fever,” was filmed in August and shown on TLC’s American Hot Rod in September.

Another great partnership that formed in 2007 was the AMSOIL sponsorship of the Four Wheeler Top Truck Challenge, a grueling week-long experience in which off-road vehicles and their drivers are pushed to the limits. It was the 14th year Four Wheeler magazine assembled its crew to host this challenging competition which is covered extensively in the magazine as well as online and in a DVD.

The third annual Diesel Power Challenge was conducted in June as well, in Salt Lake City. AMSOIL has been an advertiser in Diesel Power magazine from the first issue, recognizing the growing popularity of the diesel truck market. The Diesel Power Challenge put a group of reader selected diesel trucks through the paces for two days, including a “tie-breaker” event related to fuel economy. It isn’t just about power, though these vehicles have more power than ever.

Yet another new relationship formed in 2007 was our sponsorship of Fred Hayes and the Hayes Diversified Technology (HDT) motorcycles that again set records at Bonneville. Hayes owns numerous world and national speed records on motorcycles. In September HDT set four more records on diesel motorcycles. Hayes’ current aim is a 100 m.p.g. /100 mph diesel motorcycle that is environmentally friendly, economical and potent. HDT is a company on the move.

Last but not least, AMSOIL became sponsor of the Mopar Muscle Engine Challenge this year. The Third Annual Mopar Muscle Engine Challenge featured the 410-inch Small Block engine. Eight engine builders participated in the final competition, first displaying their work at the Mopar Nationals in Columbus, then later having their engines put through the paces at Comp Cams in Tennessee. Ken Lazerri and Fuss Flagle of Indy Cylinder Heads won the competition this year by three hundredths of a point, unseating the two-time reigning champ. This year’s 2008 competition will feature a 440-inch based spec engine.

In the meantime, hope your 2007 was as exciting as ours. And may your 2008 be even better.

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