Friday, November 2, 2007

Homeward Bound ~ SEMA Day Four

Yes, the show ends today, but the work is only beginning. How many forklifts it takes to move all the crates and pallets out of the Las Vegas Convention Center is anyone's guess. Then there is all the follow up from the leads generated, business agreements signed, discussions initiated. Magazine editors and writers have seen what happened here this week, and must decide which stories will be tomorrow's news. The new '67 Mustang is likely one story that will get more press. Likewise the 75th anniversary of the Deuce Coupe will still make stories. And undoubtedly there will be more Boyd sightings ahead like this one yesterday afternoon where he and wife Jo signed autographs in South Hall. In December the pair will make their way to the PRI Show in Orlando to greet fans, bring exposure to the AMSOIIL/Coddington roadster and share stories about a few of his favorite projects.

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