Thursday, November 8, 2007

HDT Land Speed Record is Now Official

The word is out and a number of new names have been etched into the record books. This is not the first set of records for Hayes Diversified Technologies, but it is always gratifying to capture a few more slots on the pages of history.

Byron Schmidt of Hesperia, CA, set a new record for the 750 MPS D class of 103.321 miles per hour, breaking the old 101.617. HDT CEO and founder established a new record of 110.432 for the 750 MPS DB class, shattering the old record by more than five miles per hour.

Perhaps even more significantly, these motorcycles were operating with a mixed fuel that was 20% biodiesel. Considering that the day the rolled off their assembly line, before modifications, these were 30 horsepower engines, you might begin to get a little impressed at the engineering behind this achievement. AMSOIL lubricated, of course.

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