Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mopar Mayhem in Memphis

Wednesday's dyno action went pretty well. The day started with Schurbon Racing flogging the dyno all morning. The Schurbon gang came prepared to make a good showing, and they did just that. The team was ready, and so was their engine. They had a good day, posting some serious numbers.

Next up was the Muscle Motors entry. This engine, although only 395-cubic inches, made a serious attempt at some high numbers. Mike had to deal with a strangely appearing lean condition, but still made a great showing.

Scott Schurbon and Bob Siegwarth experimented with a couple different carb spacers. all told, they ended up with 4-1/4-inches of spacer on the engine at one time.
The valve adjustment process definitely worked in the Schurbon team's favor.

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