Thursday, June 12, 2014

High Drama Continues in Hollister: Top Truck Challenge 2014

Wednesday at the 2014 Top Truck Challenge delivered more action, destruction and excitement to Hollister Hills as drivers faced more brutality for the 2nd day of competition. Day 2 opened with the Obstacle Course, which promptly started claiming driveshafts and other parts while dashing hopes of finishing for others. It took out 3 drivers before the 4th was even able to clear the finish line. Up next was the Hill Climb event, where deep holes and ruts swallowed tires whole as drivers attempted to stay on course. Afterwards it was on to the Coal Chute, constructed of giant boulders and concrete. Once they made their way through that, there was an incredibly steep wall waiting to be cleared before crossing the finish. From the looks of the course the odds seemed unbeatable, but some drivers and their rigs had what it took to finish with impressive times.

Yes, they have to drive over that.
Video and photo updates on Four Wheeler’s Instagram page speak to the challenges these rigs faced, but no results are being announced just yet. At this moment competitors are in the midst of conquering the final and most grueling event of Top Truck Challenge 2014: the Tank Trap. As of press time none had yet to finish the course, but plenty had timed out or found their rigs succumbing to the Trap's perils. It’s been an incredible week so far, and we can’t wait to see how the points add up in the end. Stay tuned for another update tomorrow, and make sure you’re following AMSOIL on Facebook for updates live from the scene.

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