Tuesday, June 10, 2014

AMSOIL at the Top Truck Challenge Day One: Mixing It Up

Traditional opening for the Top Truck Challenge video.
The trucks have rolled in to Hollister Hills and the energy level is once again high here in sunny California. In fact, it's been too sunny this year. There's been a drought so serious that Californian's are begging for relief. One impact of this dearth of rain is that we may not have a mud pit this year.

In response the Four Wheeler staff has stirred up their imaginations to devise new challenges. One of these will be unveiled this afternoon.

The forecast is for weather in the 70's all week, and mostly sun after a partially cloudy opener for this year's Top Truck Challenge. Our guess is that the weather pattern is the only thing that will be predictable this week. How the contenders deal with it will determine who has the last truck standing by week's end.

Take a quick peek at this "Welcome" from Hollister Hills.... We can't wait to share more!

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