Wednesday, November 6, 2013

SEMA Show Is Underway... Check Out the New Products

First day at SEMA always begins with the New Products Breakfast.
For some people it may be the quantity of celebrities that makes this show so special. But those celebrities are here for a reason. They love their cars. Yes, this is a gathering that is all about cars, the real stars of the SEMA Show, and famous folk love their cars just as much as the next man or woman driving on down the road. And this year there are more cars than ever. If you have time, and with so much to see you may not, there is a whole new section with cars galore behind the Rennaissance Hotel to the south of the convention center. Take a saunter over there sometime if you're in town this week.

The New Product Showcase emblem.
As cars become more advanced and the industry grows new products are needed to help make these cars operate the way the were designed to. That's why the SEMA board introduced a new Products Showcase many years ago, so everyone could see what's new and what is especially important. This year there are more than 2000 new products on display in the showcase area at the end of the South Hall. AMSOIL has twelve new products in the showcase which you can read about here.

One of the big stories this year has to do with the size of the show, which continues to grow. The Las Vegas Convention Center could not contain all the businesses that came to display their wares and a section of the LVH Hotel/Casino, which usually housed the Transmission Show in years past, was devoted to SEMA registration, new members and some other companies that could not be accommodated in the main halls. It is nearly incomprehensible to imagine that just 15 years ago the entire SEMA Show was housed in what is now the Central and North Halls. The enormous South Hall did not even exist.

It's apparent that the industry is expanding and healthy, and it's evident to all that AMSOIL has grown right along with it.

Here's some eye candy for those of you who couldn't be here this week. Enjoy!

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