Monday, November 4, 2013

Las Vegas Prepares for SEMA 2013

Preparations for this show begin months in advance.
Car w/AMSOIL both on and under the hood. 
Has it already been a year since SEMA 2012? Philosophers have long debated whether time is real or a matter of perceptions. Hence as we get older it seems that time is going faster than when we were young. Nevertheless, a year's worth of days have passed since the last year's crates were packed, and now we're here once again, unpacking crates, getting for another week of meetings, and when possible slipping away to see the glitz and bling that is all part of this incredible annual event put on by the largest collection of businesses in the world, each associated with the automotive aftermarket.

Las Vegas, where the rest of the world comes looking for luck, has become a center of commerce, and until the advent of the Internet age and electronics revolution no commercial enterprise has produced more jobs than the auto industry, the real heartbeat of America in the 20th century.

Tomorrow the Specialty Automotive Manufacturers Association, representing more than 6,000 companies, will commence once more to create an environment for commerce here in the city that never sleeps. Some of what we see and hear will be shared here.

We have a local auto dealer whose tag line is "Where the cars are." But once you've been to SEMA, you'll understand why THIS is where the real cars are. There are people for whom a trip to SEMA is a bucket list dream. If you're one of these, we're hoping your dream comes true. And when it does, be sure to visit the AMSOIL booth and say hello.

You can't miss us. Booth 24661 in the Central Hall.

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