Friday, November 1, 2013

2013 Diesel Power Challenge Now Available on DVD

The 2013 Diesel Power Challenge (DPC) wrapped in May, leaving behind broken parts and heavy hearts for those who didn’t beat out the competition for the top spot. Reigning champ Wesley Beech is no doubt enjoying his tenure as Diesel Power Champion before heading back into the gauntlet next May to defend his title. Beech’s rise to the top wasn’t easy and competitor standings were ever-changing throughout the entire week. The DPC is a grueling proving ground that puts the nation’s most powerful diesels through a series of endurance trials to see who outperforms the rest. AMSOIL is installed in each engine to ensure they can take the beatings they undertake.

The DPC isn’t open to the public, but now you get your chance to see up close and personal what went down via the 2013 Diesel Power Challenge DVD. Event coverage, highlights and commentary from the people on location give you behind-the-scenes access to a diesel competition unlike any other.

You can purchase your own 2103 Diesel Power Challenge DVD here, or better yet, follow us on Twitter (@AMSOILINC) or Like us at our Facebook page for upcoming opportunities to potentially get your own copy for free. And who doesn't like Free? We gave away thirty earlier this week.... and it was fun.

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