Friday, April 25, 2014

Top Selling Vehicles of 2013: Surprise, Surprise

It wasn't too far back when the four top selling vehicles in the U.S. were Hondas and Toyotas. What happens when you don't pay attention for a couple years? The top five slots show an almost startling turnabout. Yes, there is a Honda in the number 4 slot, and a Toyota in third. But what's this? The other three slots are all pickups by the leading three rivals. In the fifth position it's Dodge Ram, with 355,673 units sold. Second place went to Chevy's Silverado, an almost unbeatable breed for at least a couple years at the Diesel Power Challenge. Chevy sold 480,414 Silverados last year. Number one and top of the heap last year is the Ford F-150 with 793,402 units sold.

For a complete list of last year's top ten sellers, visit the Autoblog or click here to learn more about AMSOIL products for all your diesel needs.
Day 1 of the Diesel Power Challenge is a Dyno Shootout.

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