Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hot Rod Announces Schedule for Drag Week V

AMSOIL has partnered with Hot Rod Magazine for the 2009 Hot Rod Drag Week V. An event that pits drag racing competitors against one another in a race against time, this years’ adrenaline fireworks are slated to begin September 13. Over the course of 6 days, participants in 8 classes will travel to four different race tracks on an 1100 mile loop where each track will hold a drag racing competition. The catch? Surviving on only the tools and provisions they have on board and clearing each track the fastest. That means no crew, no back-up, nothing but the car and supplies they drove in with.

This event spans three states, and all vehicles must be driven on their own power for the entire tour. A task not easily feasible, the winner will emerge with bragging rights as Hot Rod’s Fastest Street Car in America and a sweet prize package from sponsors of this event. Spectators are welcomed at each dragstrip to watch the competition heat up, free of charge.

The 2009 Schedule is as follows:

Test ‘n Tune
Sunday September 13
Muncie Dragway-Albany, IN

Day 1
Monday September 14
Muncie Dragway-Albany, IN

Day 2
Tuesday September 15
US 131 Motorsports Park-Martin, MI

Day 3
Wednesday September 16
Summit Motorsports Park-Norwalk, OH

Day 4
Thursday September 17
National Trail Raceway-Hebron, OH

Friday September 18
Muncie Dragway-Albany, IN

Sounds like fun to us. We’ll keep you posted.

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