Monday, September 22, 2008

We Have A Winner

Last week we saw the completion of the AMSOIL/Mopar Muscle Engine Challenge. Eight engines were put through the paces and one came out on top: Indy Cylinder Head. Again.

In 2007 the competition was pretty tight, since the rules heavily weighted cost as a variable. With different parameters, Russ Flagle and crew were able to flex their muscles to demonstrate what 35 years experience can do in terms of MOPAR engine-uity. From cylinder heads, crankshafts, rods, and bearings to short blocks, big blocks and everything in between, these guys know engines.

Without pressing him to give away any secrets, we asked Russ Flagle the key to his success. “The key to our success in this (competition), it was our head. It’s also an engine we like. We’ve got a lot of experience with this 451 cu. inch.”

Flagle also praised AMSOIL. “Your oil worked out great... We bought some up here and broke the engine in with it before we went down there, so it’s had nothing in it but AMSOIL from the start.”

Located on Indianapolis’s southeast side, Indy Cylinder Head employs 26. Their target customers are usually bracket drag racers, muscle car people and Good Guys people. Their business is pretty evenly divided between competition and street vehicles.

Congratulations to a great team. Here’s how their numbers stacked up at the Comp Cams facility last week.

Indy Cylinder Head
Manifold vacuum; 4.0
After initial start-up, confirmed timing at 35 degrees.
First Qualifier; 754.0/601.0—changed, nothing except letting heat get into intake before making second pull.

Second qualifier; 756.5/605.7; changed to a new set of spark plugs—same heat, and backed-off timing to 32.

Third qualifier; 748.9/599.9—Bumped timing up to 38

Fourth Qualifier; 754.3/603.1—put timing back to 35

First scored; 758.01/601.6—No changes made before second scored pull. Allowed engine to cool for 10 minutes.

Second Scored; 751.5/602.1—adjusted lash from 24 to 30

Third scored; 756.5/599.1

Read all the details in upcoming issues of Mopar Muscle magazine.

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