Friday, September 19, 2008

Fourth Annual Engine Challenge: Pictures From Memphis

Well, the week a lot of folks have been waiting for is now complete. Eight engines were put to the test at Comp Cams in Memphis for the AMSOIL Mopar Muscle Engine Challenge.

Randy Bolig, editor of Mopar Muscle magazine, sent us daily notes and a few choice photos from each of the dyno sessions this week. Having worked with Randy these past two years, it is hard to imagine anyone with more passion for this kind of thing... except maybe our eight contenders for this year’s prize.

The teams come from all points of the compass. They are seriously consumed with making engines perform to their utmost. For sure it has to be a privilege to be among the chosen few who make it to this final destination, the Comp Cams test facility.

Each 440-based spec engine was run on the same Rockett Brand 93-octane fuel while at the dyno, lubricated with AMSOIL premium synthetic motor oil.

Here are the notes Randy sent me from a typical pull. We’ll release our winner’s name as soon as we’re permitted.

First three qualifiers with timing at 35 degrees jets are XX;

Made first three qualifiers back-to-back with no changes

After third qualifier, checked lash—found a couple rockers with excessive lash.

Fourth Qualifier; 682.8/550.9
After fourth qualifier; added2-inch Plastic Super Sucker spacer.

First scored; 686.1/553.5
Made second scored pull immediately following first; 684.4/553.7
After second pull, changed from 1050 carb to 1150

Third scored pull; 686.2/556.7
After third pull, changed timing to 38
Fourth pull netted 698.5/561.0
Fifth pull was identical

Seventh pull 695.8/567.3

JMS Racing... In search of the perfect setup.

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