Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Report From Sturgis

The 2008 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has now come and gone, but what an event it was. Being “Official Oil of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally” gave AMSOIL a lot of additional visibility this year. Enthusiasm for AMSOIL products continues to bust through the roof. The traffic in the corporate booth was great as many new leads and customers will be linked to the AMSOIL Dealer network.

The weather was hot in the beginning of the rally but pleasant overall with temperatures in the high 80s and low humidity for most of the rally. Many rally attendees stopped by the AMSOIL booth to sign up for a chance to win a free case of oil and filters for their bikes. This generated a great deal of interest and a reason for people to stop by. We also displayed an HDT Diesel motorcycle, drag bike and hill climb bike in the AMSOIL booth. All of these bikes stopped people in their tracks and provided more reasons to visit.

For the second year, AMSOIL sponsored the “Rumble in the Hills” hill climb and once again it was a huge success. Hundreds of spectators watched as riders climbed straight up the hill. AMSOIL also provided a free case of oil to the winner of the AMSOIL “King of the Hill” shootout. This shootout involved the top five riders from the two day event. They each raced the hill an additional two times to be crowned the AMSOIL “King of the Hill.” One never knows where you’ll see an AMSOIL banner in the media or on YouTube, especially with MTV and the Discovery Channel on hand taping these races.

Many times, AMSOIL staff walking in downtown Sturgis with their AMSOIL shirts proudly displayed were stopped by people saying things like, “AMSOIL, great stuff! “AMSOIL, I run it in all my toys!” “AMSOIL is the only oil I use.” Moments like these are especially gratifying.

AMSOIL looks forward to the 2009 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and to promoting AMSOIL even more. It’s just one more reason AMSOIL motorcycle oil sales continue to soar. Now, it’s on to Daytona as the “Official Oil of Daytona Bike Week.” See you there!

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