Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dream Cars Get Dreamier With AMSOIL

You can hardly turn around without running into a car show these days it seems. This week both Houston TX and Harrisburg PA are hosting auto shows. Some very hot AMSOIL lubricated vehicles can be found at each.

But first it only seems right to highlight John Pangilinan’s Scion, which had a featured location at the king of car shows in Detroit a couple weeks back. The cobalt blue Scion first appeared at SEMA in November and was also spotted at the L.A. Auto Show later. It's one beautiful car that is catching a lot of eyeballs.

In Houston you'll see some pretty snappy AMSOIL lubed cars including this Twin Turbo Lexus IS-F put together by Fox Marketing and Artisan Performance. This subtle, yet aggressive, golden gem includes several muscular bodywork lines. The Nissan booth features another miniature miracle tuned by Artisan and Fox, a white 2008 Nissan Altima Coupe. And according to an informal survey of passing eyeballs, it's even more exciting than the new GT-R. Maybe because it's dressed for the occasion, and lubed with AMSOIL.
In Harrisburg, Paul Caparello’s ’68 Camaro is a power mad example of emotional exuberance. The current version of the car is 1800 horsepower. The previous alcohol injected version threw off 3500 horses. Both expressions of the Camaro were lubricated throughout with AMSOIL synthetics.

To the left here is a Jeep Wrangler TJ and in the booth (below) a sweet Ford Focus.
Tomorrow will be a big day in Harrisburg where they will be announcing the winner of the “Xtreme Ride Revamp” contest, in which some lucky person will drive home with the 2009 Honda Fit we mentioned yesterday. In the hands of Brian Fox of Fox Marketing and his team, the revamped ride went from stock to cream-of-the-crop in just over eight weeks. The Pennsylvania Auto & Boat Show, Faulkner Honda and HOT 92 FM teamed with the local car builder to create “somebody’s dream car”…but just whose dream car it will be remains to be seen.


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