Wednesday, June 4, 2008

TTC: This Just In From Hollister

This week it's grueling, pedal stomping action in the hills outside Hollister, California. Mud and grime and frame twisting action that has been putting drivers and their off-road equipment through the paces. It's Four Wheeler magazine's Top Truck Challenge.
There are six main events in the Challenge. Yesterday they completed the Hill Cilmb, Frame Twister and Mud Pit. The Mud Pit is self explanatory.... and a lot of fun to watch, though not so much fun when you get stuck going through.

The Frame Twister is a seemingly short -- 200 feet -- but brutal course which requires finesse, power and determination to complete in ten minutes. In other words, an average speed of twenty feet per minute. Penalties are assessed for hitting marker cones and staff members. Word has it that yesterday, for the first time ever, someone successfully navigated the course without using a winch... followed by two more!

Today the Obstacle Course and Mini-Rubicon are slated. Tomorrow the legendary Tank Trap awaits, the ultimate Four Wheeling challenge on the planet. It's hard core, and has left a lot of vehicles stranded over the years.
You can expect full coverage in the November and December issues of Four Wheeler magazine.

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