Sunday, October 28, 2007

SEMA Show Straight Ahead

It’s here, SEMA Show 2007. The show begins Tuesday, but the work begins months in advance as companies prepare paperwork and develop strategies for how to present their new products and stories to the industry. More than 2700 media representatives are pre-registered for this year’s show. You can tell that something is happening when you see this kind of media coverage.

Chevrolet once captured our imaginations with a slogan “The Heartbeat of America.” But when you come to Las Vegas and see the size and scope of this show, it’s apparent that the auto industry has been the heartbeat of America. It’s a thrill to be a part of it.

Today, setups that are keeping everyone busy. With forklifts, cranes and crates everywhere, the Las Vegas Convention Center has the feel of backstage before a Broadway opening.

This morning AMSOIL staff placed seven products in the New Products Showcase. Tomorrow they roll the last cars into place -- including the AMSOIL/Coddington Bonneville Roadster -- and roll out the carpets. What’s exciting is knowing that the best is yet to come.

AMSOIL products on display in this year’s SEMA NEW PRODUCTS SHOWCASE 2007
1. AMSOIL Signature Series 0w-30 Synthetic Motor Oil
2. AMSOIL Severe Gear 75w-110 Synthetic Gear Lube
3. AMSOIL SAE 0w-20 Synthetic Motor Oil
4. AMSOIL P.i. Performance Improver
5. AMSOIL Ea Air Filters for Racing & Street Rod Apps
6. AMSOIL Crankcase Breather Filters
7. Injen/AMSOIL Power-Flow Diesel Intake System

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