Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Time to Decide Who Goes to Top Truck Challenge 2014

The Four Wheeler Top Truck Challenge has to be one of the toughest challenges a truck can experience, and the most fun a driver can have this side of Paradise. The editorial staff of Four Wheeler magazine loves it, too. It's a jaw-dropper watching what some of these drivers will do to capture that crown.

The magazine makes it a point of letting their readers decide who goes and who stays home. It's a finite field, and a lot of folks across the continent are eager to be selected.

Sometimes the only way out is with a winch.
Here's a link to the potential candidates, though you can also run to the store and pick up a copy of the April 2014 edition at most mag stands. You'll find every kind of carriage here, from a '63 International Harvester Scout to a '96 Dodge Ram 1500. There's even a 2012 VW Bug in the mix. Be sure to check out Brad Daffin's rumpled '78 Ford F-150. He put it through the paces as an alternate last year and wants his turn to take a shot.

They hail from all over. Quite a few Canadians in the hunt again, and even though the majority are from the Western half of the country (it is a California event) there's still an Alabama team and a Floridian seeking your votes. There's even a Hilo, Hawaii contender.

This is one challenge in which if you don't like to get dirty, you'd best just stay home.

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