Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Fastest Street Car in America Title Goes To…

Back in September AMSOIL announced its sponsorship of the 2009 Hot Rod Drag Week which was kicking off in Muncie, Indiana. As usual, this year’s challenge proved to be full of excitement with a few mishaps along the way. From failed torque converters to blown transmissions, participant had their plates full with trying to keep their cars up to par during the challenge. For those who couldn’t, there was almost always a fellow competitor willing to lend a hand and get them back on the road.

Bragging rights for the Fastest Street Car in America went to Larry Larson in his ’67 Chevy II in the Unlimited class. Despite a lifter breakdown in the middle of a cornfield, Larson and engine builder Mike Moran ran the best time with an average E.T. of 7.25 and a speed of 204 MPH. For the second year in a row, Larry’s Chevy II beat out some of the best in the country.

Below is an overview of the major class winners.

Quickest Four-Cylinder: Jon Huber in his ’79 Ford Mustang is referred to as ‘The little Ford that could…and does.” Jon dealt with a failed torque converter early in the competition, but a group of racers helped him roadside to get him back on his way. His final timeslip turned out an average of 9.37 at 147 MPH for the class win.

Big-Block Naturally Aspirated: Steve and Gary Satterlee’s ’90 Ford Mustang had a 632ci Chevy engine installed, giving it the power it needed to take the title in this class. They built the car in 90 days with only the motor to start with, giving them their final average at 10.15.

Diesel Class: In a ’94 Ford Mustang with Duramax diesel installed, Mike Wood beat out some heavy trucks also competing in this class. With an average E.T. of 10.08 and 147 MPH, this ride also got 38 MPG. Now that is impressive.

Quickest Mopar: Michael Crow is known for exceptional sportsmanship, taking last years’ Spirit of Drag Week award. This year in his’73 Plymouth Cuda, his average E.T. of 10.38 at 131 MPH earned him the title of Quickest Mopar.

Big Block Power-Adder: A favorite among the crew, Mike Thompson and his ’68 Chevy Caprice took an average of 9.64 at 141 MPH in a car that had never made a pass before Drag Week.

Modified Naturally Aspirated: Jay Brown and his ’64 Ford Galaxie fought a good battle with the very close second place winner this year. Jay competed in 2008, and his car has been in feature stories. His average E.T. was 9.52, with second place right behind him at 9.58. A close call, but this modified ride ultimately had what it took.

Modified Power-Adder: Rick “Doc” Fox really is a Doctor, and drives his ’67 Corvette every day in his commute to the office. No stranger to Drag Week, this year Rick took the class win with an average E.T. of 9.02 and 149 MPH.

Pro-Street Naturally Aspirated: With another close call in his class running within a tenth of the second place driver, Curt Johnson and his ’94 Chevy S-10 truck took first place with an average E.T. of 9.13.

Pro-Street Power-Adder: Michael Roy and his ’71 Chevy Monte Carlo is no stranger to Drag Week, this year convincing his friends to join in with their cars. With an average of 8.65, this was Mike’s first class win at Drag Week and his friends were there to witness it.

Daily Driver & Spirit of Drag Week: Geoff Dugopolski in his ’78 Chevy Malibu not only won the Daily Driver bracket race, but the respect of his peers with the Spirit of Drag Week award. This award is given to the person that best exemplifies what it means to help others competing in the event. He helped more than a few of his competitors get back on track, while still ending with an average E.T. of 12.32.

Overall every participant showed a fierce drive and willingness to not only win, but help out their fellow drivers. As the official lubricant of this event, AMSOIL is proud to have played a part in each of their successes. The January issue of Hot Rod has an impressive spread covering this event, so be sure to pick one up and see for yourself why Drag Week is growing and shows no signs of stopping.

Below: David Paschall received recognition by tying for the Mickey Thompson Quickest Reaction Time as well as the Quickest Buick and Quickest E.T., Daily Driver

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