Monday, January 13, 2014 Names AMSOIL-Lubed EBR 1190 RX #1 New Bike To Long For

Let's say you're into motorcycling, and you're dreaming of a new bike for 2014. One place to read about what's hot and most anticipated for the coming year is Each year the major manufacturers puts on the market something new and exciting to drool about. BMW, Honda, Ducati and the rest have produced some appetizing new rides. At the pinnacle for 2014 is Erik Buell Racing's EBR 1190 RX, which Ron Lieback called "our number-one most anticipated bike of 2014."

Can you imagine owning this machine? If you missed it, last week AMSOIL announced that it will be giving away an EBR 1190 RX to one lucky winner in the Building Legends Sweepstakes.

There are a lot of praiseworthy motorcycles being introduced this year. You can read about ten of them at Ultimate Motocycling.

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