Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Has the Exceptional Cold Been a Problem for Your Vehicles?

Across the nation this week, harsh temps and frigid conditions made one thing very clear: winter takes no prisoners. This season’s arctic blasts have been doing more than giving people the chills. Stories of frozen pipes in houses and school closings are legion. While most people stayed bundled up safely indoors, their vehicles bore the brunt of these cold snaps. We heard countless stories of people who emerged from their warm homes to cars that wouldn’t start.

As an up-north company born in the land of beautiful summers and brutal winters, AMSOIL understands the need for options to prevent or correct these problems. That’s why we offer product solutions to either get you out of a bind, or stop it from ever happening in the first place.

Of the many benefits of AMSOIL synthetic motor oil for passenger cars, easier cold starts is one of the first that North Country motorists will notice. Because of their exceptionally low pour points, there is less strain placed on batteries which also have a depleted cranking power due to the frigid temperatures. 

Diesel owners have always known that arctic weather is problematic for their vehicles. AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils, like our gasoline counterparts, also help make cold starts easier. This won't solve the other problem associated with extreme cold. Diesel fuel is susceptible to gelling in the fuel lines. This problem can be especially serious for truckers out on the open road.

For this reason we recommend AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow, a fuel additive formulated with an advanced deicer to enhance fuel flow and help prevent fuel filter plugging in cold temperatures. If it's already too late, and your fuel lines and filters are plugged, you will want to make sure you have a bottle of our Diesel Recovery Emergency Fuel Treatment on hand. You'll be ready if that situation should arise.

Even though snow and cold sound like fun for a lot of people, there are still oil related issues to be aware of when temperature extremes occur. Today’s snowmobile engines direct less oil to critical components, through narrower passages, for longer distances. Therefore, it is critical for snowmobile oil to flow freely in cold temperatures to ensure the oil reaches all area of the engine quickly to ensure maximum protection.

AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR remains fluid down to -72°F to ensure oil reaches critical components in the coldest weather, keeping your engine protected.

The forecast for this coming weekend is looking a bit brighter, but we all know from experience that Jack Frost will be back. If you had some hardships during this past blast, we're here to help you be ready for the next one.


Rowan Cook said...

Even at 8 degrees, The Amsoil 5.30 ASL and the ATF have allowed my wife's Jeep Liberty to start, stand up and whinny and go on - with no issues. Rowan Cook

Anonymous said...

I've used AMSOIL in my 1976 VW bus and never had to worry about cold morning starts.

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