Thursday, September 26, 2013

It's That Time of Year Again

For some the first hints of autumn are a somber prospect because what follows is winter's frosty chill. On the other hand, the leaves come so alive that it's as colorful as the blossoms in spring, a symbolic spectacle of color that announces the coming of many people's favorite season: snowmobiling.

Here at AMSOIL we begin celebrating winter's upcoming arrival in early September during the Sno Barons' Haydays Festival in North Branch, MN. As October approaches we're flush with anticipation of numerous other events as we wait for the snow to fly. 

One of these is the AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge at the University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH) October 7-11. Each year 40 engine builder teams, plus alternates, gather in Lima, Ohio to competes for the official title of Engine Master. It's a prestigious competition that not only garners respect for the winners, but a a quite substantial payout for the top team, as well as bragging rights.

It's also a tremendous experience for the students of UNOH who work side by side with many of the world's top engine builders, assisting in nearly every facet of the setups and teardowns on the dyno. Special thanks to UNOH for the continued support that makes this competition the success that it has been these many years.

The AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge is not only a great experience for the students and faculty of UNOH, it's also a superb real world opportunity for the editors and publishers of Popular Hot Rodding magazine to learn more about the capabilities of modern engines by observing the creative engineering by these top professional builders. AMSOIL is on hand, and we're paying attention, too.

Looking forward to another great event....

Students assist pro builders to get hooked up in the dyno.

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