Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Off-Road Design Puts AMSOIL to the Test

Stephen Watson of Off-Road Design (ORD) Racing approached AMSOIL months back in a bid to obtain sponsorship for the grueling Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno Race. AMSOIL likes challenges, so we jumped on board to help Stephen and his team make it to the end. ‘The Long Way’ 1000 mile race is a 3-day event with over 300+ miles of open-desert endurance racing with only a one hour service period each night for maintenance. Temperatures rose to over 100 degrees, and the desert takes no prisoners. The silt beds of the Nevada desert provided dust that often made it impossible to see much past the hood of the car. Add some rocky terrain with some good ruts to catch even the mightiest trucks, and you’ve got yourself a challenge that doesn’t yield.

In an Ultra4 Buggy built for Off-Road Racing, ORD managed to lock in 2nd place out of 11 competitors in their class. Despite the dust bath the truck received during this race, ORD knew they had nothing to worry about with AMSOIL Ea Oil and Air filters installed and AMSOIL in the engine. Their impressive result made room for them in their next big event, the King of the Hammers in February. AMSOIL is proud to be a part of their success, and will keep up with them as they continue their climb to the top of the ranks. With results like these, they will no doubt take their star up several notches in the Ultra4 world of Off-Road Racing.

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