Thursday, May 28, 2009

AMSOIL + Tuners = High Profile Performance

AMSOIL is always on the lookout for sweet tuners, and owners of said tuners are always on the lookout for the best products. This is where our paths cross, and performance is taken to a new level for these impassioned tuner builders. Below are two hot rides currently in the national spotlight with feature coverage, and of course AMSOIL is under the hood.

The cover story for the July issue of DSport Magazine features a JDM Nissan Silvia S13, built by Mike Sullivan of Mishimoto Automotive. Originally meant to be a show car for SEMA, Mike decided to kick it up and use it to compete in drift and time-attack events as well. This led to a time constraint since it needed to be complete in time for SEMA, but through determination and sheer drive Mike pulled it all off. Enlisting the help of Kenny Strickler of, his crew stripped the car down to a bare shell and prepared it for the paint job. Meanwhile, work was being put into the cage, chassis and selection of aerodynamic packages and tires. An SR20DET engine was removed and upgraded for power increases, and hydraulic lifters were replaced to enable the use of higher-lift, solid-lifter camshafts. A few more tweaks later the completed project turned up at SEMA with Mishimoto’s trademark orange and black paint, ready for its close-up.

Next up is Tony Nguyen and his 93’ Mazda RX-7, featured in the July issue of Super Street. Nguyen is already a rising star in the tuner industry, and this latest feature is testament to his talent. The RX-7 is hailed as Mazda’s most legendary ride due to the design, engine format, lightweight chassis and all-around sports-car feel. Decked out in BASF Tungsten Pearl Silver Paint usually found on a Lexus, this Mazda is a head-turner. Running a 13B-REW motor, Nguyen has squeezed 345 horses out of a standard 276 horsepower engine by installing an A’PEXi AVC-R Turbo-boost controller, fuel pump and GReddy intercooler and pipes. Interior modifications include A’PEXi gauges that light up the seats, and a center console filled with switches and embedded gauges. Built exclusively for weekend street racing, the RX-7 is the manifestation of Nguyen's vision to leave a cloud of dust for everyone else to catch up to.

The five page spread in Super Street is resplendent with sponsor logos, but the shot above give you a glimpse of the start point. Tony sent us a very strong endorsement note to go with this story. Nice!

I have recently been running AMSOIL products on all my cars and I must say that this is the BEST product I have ever used hands down! I have used other competitors' products in my car, from synthetic oil to octane boosters and I must say there is no other product on the market that can compare to the quality of AMSOIL synthetic oils. I will continue to use AMSOIL products for the life of all my vehicles. Whether it is for normal day to day use or high performance race and drag applications AMSOIL is my #1 choice.

Thank you,
Tony Nguyen

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