Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ultimate Road Trip Well On Its Way with Help from AMSOIL

For most people, the idea of picking up and leaving on a road trip that spans North, Central and South America seems an unlikely dream. For Karen Catchpole and Eric Mohl, (a writer and photographer, respectively) it is their reality and they are living it out right now on the Trans-Americas Journey.

Embarking on such an endeavor takes a tremendous amount of time and effort getting necessary preparations in place. A vehicle that can handle such a feat is also required. AMSOIL is a proud sponsor of their trip, providing them with high-performance lubricants, filters, transmission fluid, an oil by-pass filtration system and an Injen air intake system. For a road trip that will cover over 100,000+ miles, it only makes sense to have the best everything in their new Silverado truck. That is why AMSOIL stepped up to help them achieve this goal, to make sure they have the protection and performance they need by providing them with lubricants that make it happen. One benefit sure to be appreciated is not having to stop every 3,000 miles to change their fluids, wasting time that could be better utilized taking in the experience they have worked so hard to create.

The trip started in 2006, and is leading them on a 3 year, 100,000+ mile cross-country and cross-continental journey through all 23 countries in the Western Hemisphere. Along the way, they are sharing their experiences through articles in various publications. Best of all for Catchpole and Mohl, they’re living the experience of a lifetime, stopping in little corners of the world that most will never see. From well-known places such as New Orleans, LA to little-known places like the Top of the World Highway in Poker Creek, AK, they are truly gaining an experience unlike any other. This is just the North American/Canadian leg of the tour so really, they’ve only just begun. After their adventures up north, their journey will next take them down to Central and South America.

AMSOIL is keeping up with them and their progress... and we'll keep you posted.

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